Top 10 Best Selling Cars in India

By | November 21, 2015

Know about The top 10 best selling cars in India 2016, The best selling car in India is the data that is required by everybody why should arranging have one. The report of the best selling cars is sure to bode well that they are the cars that are giving the best service both from the end of value and from the end of the mileage.

Mahindra Scorpio, best selling cars in India

The top selling cars in India in 2016 is very astonishing, as that records the cars that are more established, and the new model cars are negligible in terms of sales report.

List of top 10 best selling cars in India in year 2016

Car is considered as a sign of extravagance for some people in India and when there is an increase in the pay level then there is a typical inclination among people to go for purchasing a car inside of their financial plan to give the vibe of unwinding and extravagance while going on the roads of India.

Here we got the top 10 best selling cars in India for your data.

10. Hyundai i10 – This car is having to a great degree supporting element for driving. The high get and high mileage car is best among the small cars for the long distance travel. The car is greatly gorgeous and is perfect for the white collar class people to bear.

9. Maruti Swift Desire – This has been another car for the atomic family and that has again come to the list of the top ten best selling cars. The car has the remarkable features in agreement to the ideal mileage. The car is having the best cost for the white collar class and that is a reason, why it has been one of the top selling cars.

8. Mahindra Scorpio – The car has been made shiny and with get up and thus signifies the name of the car. The solid car is with high get and with impeccable mileage. It has been a popular one in the Asian landmass since the car has the capacity to give an extraordinary mileage to all the users.

7. Mahindra Bolero – This has been the top selling car in 2016 among all the business purpose cars. The ten sitters has been one of the best in terms of get up and cost. The cost of it is not of course with the Suzuki cars, but rather in consideration of the model and the size of the car, it has been the best.

6. Maruti Wagon R – The car has been the latest model from Suzuki for the small and atomic families. The car has immersed an enormous market in India and has been one of the top selling brands in 2016. The car has been designed like Maruti Zen and the Zen lovers have reinvested in the car once more.

5. Tata Indica – Tata Indica has been the version from Tata in rivalry with Maruti and Hyundai. The car was initially not supported, because of some specialized faults, but rather the select version was named as the best family car in 2013. The car has been one of the best selling cars in 2016 with most of the income gathered from the white collar class.

4. Hyundai Santro – This has been another item similar to the Suzuki. The looks, the get up and the mileage are almost similar. The value even is reasonable for the white collar class. This has been the model; from Hyundai to focus on the white collar class, just like Maruti did, and they got the success at last in 2016.

3. Maruti Suzuki Alto – This has been the replacement version of the Suzuki 800. The cost has been close and the model looks has been changed to Maruti Zen. It is again one of the top selling cars, because of its value sensibility for the white collar class and the immense get up.

2. Maruti Suzuki 800 – It has been one of the best cars for the working class people. The car has been named as one of the best family car since the mileage that it provides is absolutely direct and thus is the best at some moderate cost. It was a top selling car in India at one purpose of time, yet the rage of it is still there in the market.

1. Hindustan Ambassador – It is one of the oldest cars in the eastern portion of the world and is the official one for the government of India. The producer pronounced in 2014, that they will stop creating the car and the following year they discovered the top most position in terms of best selling.

Thus it has been seen that the best selling cars are not those who arte with best features and at high cost. Presently car owners are not restricted to the higher class. The working class people are investing more on cars, and that is easily understandable from the top list of best selling cars in India in 2016.