Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs in The World

By | October 12, 2015

Know about the Top 10 highest paid CEOs 2016, In this world of business and industries, each business ought to draw in experience person as CEO to make the business globally famous. A specialist CEO has the ability to deal with all business zones and to keep up a legitimate co-appointment between all the workers and the gathering of management.

David Zaslav, Highest Paid CEOs

Consequently it has been watched organizations pay high compensation to the CEO of an organization.

List of Top 10 highest paid CEOs 2016

People must be intrigued to think about the famous CEOs who are working for rumored industries in the world. Give us a chance to observe the top 10 highest paid CEOs 2016.

10. Les Moonves: He is the President and CEO of CBS. Amid his initial age, he has great involvement in business field. In July 1995 he joined CBS Entertainment as President. In the year 2003 he got to be CEO of this organization. A year ago he was paid $54.4 million as compensation.

9. David Hamamoto: Presently David Hamamoto is the CEO of NorthStar Realty Finance. In the year 2014 he was paid $60.3 million as his compensation. Since Jan 2014, he has joined as CEO and Chairman of this organization. Under his watch the organizations is doing really well and trust this will proceed in the coming years.

8. Steve Mollenkopf: He began his vocation as specialist in Qualcomm. This is one of the famous organizations in planning and creating results of remote information transfers. Steve Mollenkopf worked here for a long time and assisted the with companying to create in this field. As a boss working officer, the organization ruled over the industry of portable and advanced mobile phones. In the year 2014, he earned a pay of $60.7 million.

7. Larry Ellison: He is the CEO of Oracle Corporation since the year 1977. He is the fellow benefactor of Oracle. He has a total assets of $ 2.8 billion. In the year 2014, he was paid a pay of $67.3 million.

6. Gregory Maffei: Since the year 2005, he is the CEO of Liverty Media and Liberty Interactive. This year he has extended the period as CEO to 2019. In the period of advanced versatile, this organization has made an immense achievement and this has just gotten to be conceivable with the assistance of brilliant inventiveness and ability of Gregory Maffei. He is being paid $ 73.8 million for his fabulous support of the organization.

5. Nick Woodman: This American businessman is the author of GoPro. He is additionally the CEO of this organization. He did loads of hardwork to get accomplishment in the business. He was the champ of National Award in Entrepreneur of the Year. Right away his take home pay is $ 77.4 million and his total assets is $ 2.5 billion.

4. Satya Nadella: He was conceived and raised in India. After fruition of his Bachelor’s Degree in electrical designing he went in US and finished his MBA from college of Chicago. He is the present CEO of Microsoft since the year 2014. Before joining with Microsoft, he worked with Sun Microsystems. At present his compensation is $ 84.3 billion.

3. Mario Gabelli: He is a prestigious stock financial specialist from America and he is the originator and CEO of GAMCO Investors. It a worldwide investment firm holding a total assets of $ 30 billion. Mario Gabelli’s last year’s gaining was 88.5 million. He set up this firm in the year 1977 and from that point forward it is doing successful business in the field of stock exchange.

2. Michael Fries: He is considered as the a standout amongst the most top positioned CEO in this world. He has finished his degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. In a matter of seconds he is working successfully as CEO of Liberty Global since June 2005. In the year 2014, he was paid $ 111.9 as compensation.

1. David Zaslav: We ought to take the name of David Zaslav at first in the list highest paid CEOs in the world. He is working for Discovery Communications since 2007. He has been paid around $153.1 million amid a year ago. He finished his graduation from Binghamton University in Bachelor of Science and finished his degree in Law from Boston University of Law. He essentially focuses on the overall execution and creating system inside of the association.

Those above are the most experienced and devoted CEOs under whose supervision separate organizations are doing their business sublimely.