Top 10 Highest Paid DJ’s in The World

By | October 13, 2015

Know about the Top 10 highest paid DJ’s 2016, DJs or the Disk jockeys are a standout amongst the most popular modes of music in the later times.

Calvin Harris, Highest Paid DJ's

They are the most discussed personalities in the music world, whom the group has ever supported for their enlivening performances. They are the ones who have made the best techno music in the later times.

List of the top 10 Highest Paid DJ’s 2016

The DJ’s work is not as easy as they have to make their own generation, need to play in the parties and the clubs. They are famous among the fans as well as famous among the famous night clubs mostly in the Las Vegas zone.

The list of top 10 highest paid DJ’s are as follows:

10. Deadmau5: His presence is the most discussed factor in the business sector. He has earned $16 million in the scoring period. He is famous among the music lovers for his mouse headed stage appearance. This mouse headed appearance of his is embraced from the Disney, and that has shaken the group. He stands in the 10th position in this List of the top 10 Highest Paid DJ’s 2016.

9. Skrillex: His gaining in the scoring period is $16.5 million and that has surprised a large number of the competitors. His late collection is ‘recess’. It has making records worldwide with 48000 sales till date. His past albums in 2010 are still shaking in the business sector, among the fans furthermore among the general music lovers.

8. Kaskade: he stands eighth in the list by acquiring. The late redesign says his late acquiring is $17. He has been the busiest person last year who has secured 30 night shows in lass Vegas. He has numerable albums of his own and all of them are bestselling in the business sector.

7. Zedd: He stands seventh in the list by acquiring more than $21 million in the scoring period. He is popular worldwide. His popularity is spread broadly over the fans. He is a standout amongst the most favored one in the dance club and the bands.

6. Afrojack: Standing in the sixth position with earnings of $22 million. He has as of late released his first anticipated collection ‘overlook the world’ this may. He has as of late shifted to lass Vegas and stays at the Wynn. He has played on more than 150 shows on the scoring period. In spite of having his own particular attire collections, his earnings incorporate endorsements like Nike and G-Star Raw.

5. Steve Aoki: He stands in the fifth position in the List of the top 10 Highest Paid DJ’s 2016 by winning $ 23 million. He has played in more than 277 shows. He is an American electro house musician, record maker and music official.

4. TIE: This Dutch dj holds the position of fourth in the List of the top 10 Highest Paid DJ’s 2016 by winning $28 million. He has as of late shifted to Las Vegas from Ibiza. He has earned over $60 million for the 24 months and the one to beat him in this race is Calvin Harris. He has played in more than 100 shows but then a show pressed year is motivating prepared to come.

3. Avici: He is just 24 years old earning so as to hold the third position $28 million. An introduction collection of this Swedish dj went out this year named “genuine” which gave him an enormous vocation climb. He latest song ‘wake me up’ has turned into the electronic song ever to move 4 million units in the United States.

2. David Guetta: He was previously a Parisian club administrator and stands second in the List of the top 10 Highest Paid DJ’s 2016 by procuring $30 million. In his last 12 months he has worked with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears on their albums furthermore had a visit with Rihanna. He had a separation with his wife Cathy Guetta who is of 22 years and his long time business accomplice.

1. Calvin Harris: His genuine name is Adam Richard Wiles have been playing in more than 125 gigs. By acquiring $66 million he stands first in the list. He had his own particular basic supply shop previously. He is presently meeting expectations with some of the huge name in industry such as Rihanna and Kesha. His success is extremely mush discussed in the pop world.

The whole list of highest paid DJ’s is made out from the DJ’s earnings in the scoring period, This also includes their worldwide popularity last year.