Top 10 Highest Paid Kickboxers in The World

By | October 16, 2015

Know about the top 10 highest paid kickboxers 2016, This Sport depends on kicking and punching. Kickboxing is the type of games got from some military works of art and western boxing. It has been a standout amongst the most popular diversions in Japan and in some different parts of the world as well.

Rico Verhoevev, highest paid kickboxers

Look at the most fruitful kickboxers worldwide in 2016. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), the full battle sport title is the following level challenge for an expert kickboxer, making it to the MMA is dream for all the veteran kickboxers worldwide.

List of the top 10 highest paid kickboxers of the world in 2016

This whole list depends on the records and exhibitions of the topmost kickboxers and their capacity to get crash the MMA. So we should look at the leading top 10 highest paid kickboxers on a worldwide premise:

10. Wayne Barett: This American kickboxer from Georgia has an expert record of 4-0, after a solitary expert match he made his introduction into the Glory and stayed undefeated against a well’s percentage known kickboxers.

9. Joseph Valtellini: This 28 years of age heavyweight has a world record of 7-1 popularly known as ‘Bazooka Joe’. The Italian-Canadian kickboxer from Scarborough, Ontario appeared as a novice in 2010 and stayed undefeated, battled the finals against Neiky Holzken at the Glory Welterweight Championship tournament however could not make it to the triumph.

8. Nieky Holsken: This 30 years of age kickboxer has an expert kickboxing record of 77-11. This Dutch Glory Welterweight champion has been into more than 88 battles amongst them the one against Valtellini in 2013 is viewed as the most savage one exhibiting his knockout power the most tremendous one.

7. Robin Van Roomsmalen: He is famous for accomplishing an expert record of 43-14-3 in almost no time at 24 years old, substantiated himself against a portion of the huge names like Davit Kiria and Marat Grigorian, stood aginst some abnormal state rivals like Andy Risti and Giorgio Petrosayan. At 33 years old this Dutch kickboxer has turned into a serious danger to the kickboxing world.

6. Daniel Ghita: Popularly known as ‘The Savage Samurai’, holds the position of 6 in the list with the expert record of 50-10. This 33 years of age kickboxer has made it to the finals against Rico Verhoeven in 2013 however lamentably wound up losing. This Romanian kickboxer likewise functioned as a specialist for the Romanian President.

5. Andy Ristie: He is known worldwide for his amazing execution in superbness 2013, securing 5 triumphs in his pocket with striking adversaries. At 32 years old he holds the expert record of 44-4-1. He even confronted Davit Kiria at the Glory Lightweight Championship. He hold the 5th position in the List of the top 10 highest paid kickboxers of the world in 2016.

4. Davit Kiria: The 26 years of age Georgian kickboxer is from a conventional karate foundation holds the expert record of 23-8. Amid 2014 he was thumped down 4 times by Andy Ristie at Glory 14 yet secured his triumph on the fifth round by thumping down Ristie for 3 times.

3. Giorgio Petrosayan: Regarded as the pound-for-pound kickboxer holding the position of three in the world positioning list, holds an expert record of 76-2-2. The best striker on the planet is reasonable in keeping up control of separation and landing shots with no harm is viewed as the best in the world’s available state.

2. Gokhan Saki: Holding himself in the second position of the list has a GLORY record of 7-2. The 30 years of age kick boxer has an expert record of 81-6 and by overcoming Tyrone Spong at the first Glory Light Heavyweight Championship, Glory 15: Istanbul. This heavyweight holds both Dutch and Turkish nationality. He has the 2nd rank in List of the top 10 highest paid kickboxers of the world in 2016.

1. Rico Verhoeven: Popularly known as ‘The Prince of Kickboxing’, this 25 years of age kickboxing heavyweight has an expert record of 43-7-1 and in the headliner of Glory 17 Los Angeles he is relied upon to face Daniel Ghita. He is additionally anticipated that would get prepared in the catching part of kickboxing from the abnormal state mentors.

The names and the informations about them are the top 10 highest paid kickboxers taking into account their records and exhibitions, They are the popular heavyweights as well as the highest paid in like manner among all the sport’s contenders.