Top 10 Highest Paid Kickers in NFL

By | October 15, 2015

Know about The top 10 highest paid kickers in NFL 2016, National football league kickers infrequently confront much stretch than starting the quarterbacks. A missed field objective relies on upon where precisely the ball is being spotted just following the kick.

Josh Scobee, Highest paid kickers in NFL teams

They abbreviate the field usually for their offenses and convey when they see the whole stadium is looking forward to them.

List of top 10 highest paid kickers in NFL in 2016

highest paid kickers of the year 2016. These names stand among the highest paid kickers in NFL for the season. They are the ones who demonstrate their ability during the field objectives and the additional points. Thus they are viewed as kick specialists.

The list of top 10 highest paid kickers in NFL is as per the following:

10. Adam Vinatieri: This NFL kicker has been in the amusement since long. He will be turning 42 toward the end of the upcoming effort. He is viewed as a first class kicker having won the meeting title amusements with his leg. The quality was still there the previous fall, making 50+ out from the four of six endeavors.

9. Robbie Gould: Gould got certain augmentations kicking the unpalatable conditions attending the Penn State, finding him at genuine home as an individual from the Bears. He is among the exact kickers of the industry. He plays around eight recreations each season.

8. Ryan Succop: The 2014 season for this kicker has not been much kind. He confronted an injury that made him sidelined with the issue that opened the entryway for the new kid on the block Cairo Santos which may come about extreme for him. Yet his income is secured and still positions in the list of the highest paid kickers in the NFL.

7. Sebastian Janikowski: The season of 2013 was a lousy year for this kicker. Yet he is ranking on the seventh position with a transformation rate of around 70 percent or else his vocation will be viewed as low in the event that it goes down a more. He has set up things in an agreement that earned him an ensured and secured income of $8 million.

6. Matt Bryant: One of the solid kickers contrasted with the others is the name Bryant. He has a transformation rate of around 88-90 percent which is nothing however a thing to wheeze at. Bryant is all set to be out of the agreement toward the general’s end year of 2014 and inspire this reason for the diversion.

5. Mason Crosby: Mason Crosby positions on the fifth position of being the highest paid kickers in this NFL world of diversions. He had despite the fact that been a debacle in the year 2012 however it was he who made a rebound by converting the scores endeavors with 33-37. Crosby has just two more years left on his present arrangement.

4. Nick Folk: Nick Folk is not a team’s piece issue; he had a record of converting 33 out of 36 field objectives in his fourth season with the Jets a year ago. New York gave Folk a possibility of multi year augmentation this March so that he could stay associated with the club for the following four seasons.

3. Stephen Gostkowski: When Vinatieri marked with the adversaries in 2006, the Patriots gave back his previous gig to Stephen Gostkowski. The number indicates that Gostkowski has actually been the preferred kicker over Vinatieri. In the 6th all time on the NFL’s most precise list. At 30 years old years, Gostkowski had a lot of awesome seasons to play.

2. Matt Prater: This kicker has gotten just 26 chances to glimmer his kicks in the field last season. It is because of the quarterback that he finds in the end zone regularly in the diversion. He made a record of hitting 52 out of 53 in the additional points. Last season was an immaculate 75 for 75 for him.

1. Josh Scobee: The team-Jacksonville Jaguars have been in wreckage for a long time. They can at any rate rely on the team’s kicker. Josh Scobee has made it in an entirely brilliant manner. He has risen to be the best in the previous couple of years. He made a record of hitting 71 out of 78 field objective endeavors from 2011 till 2013.

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