Top 10 Highest Paid Kollywood Actors

By | October 16, 2015

Know about the Top 10 highest paid Kollywood actors 2016, List of 10 most salaried actors: Besides Bollywood, the Indian film industries additionally have state particular film industries which are doing significant well.

Rajinikanth, Highest paid Kollywood actors

Same is with the Tamil film. Here is an understanding into what is the pay of these actors.

List of top 10 highest paid Kollywood actors 2016:

The base certification managed in Tamil film, was sort to be scratched off and that is the reason the creation cost too is going less and that calls actors to request less pay frame the generation.

10. Vishal: He again is the same as Karthi with the acting in his home creation movies just. He is the toward the end in the list with the digits of 5 crore however none of his movies are an awesome hit.

9. Karthi : He is ninth on the list with the pay of Rs. 6 crore. However, his pay is entirely hazy because he has done all movies from the home creation yet at the same time his group has reported this sum. With loads of movie he acted in Madras swung to be turning point for his vocation.

8. Sivakarthikeyan: This gorgeous actor is trailed by huge numbers of female and kids fans. He is famous amongst all the Tamil people. Most recent couple of years have added to his acclaim and name. Maan Karate and Kakki sattai made him procure name and distinction. As of late he is getting the pay check of Rs. 7 crore. Before long he will win a hafty sum taking a gander at the achievement.

7. Dhanush : This youthful actor is life of any movie, he is doing. Tamil silver screen as well as the Hindi movie world is likewise awed by his execution. Because of his back to back achievement and fame, he is new section to the 10 Crore club. He has finished the shoot of Mari, VIP and so forth and now he is moving to the shooting of VIP 2 where his pay is of Rs 10 Crore. We wish this capable actor a lit achievement future.

6. VikramĀ  : Generally, he is considered as the chief’s most loved actor with the significant pay of Rs. 12 Crore. However, from most recent 10 years the profession of Vikram hasn’t seen the significant buildup yet at the same time his execution in Ai was adulated a considerable measure, still it didn’t help him to win more for his movies.

5. Suriya: The normal expense of Suriya in his industry is 25 Crore yet he made extensive decrement in the pay by 5 Crore and made it to 20 crore because of low economic situation and without further ado he is working for his home generation to take a shot at the status’ improvement of the industry.

4. Vijay: The primary actor who is bit adaptable for his compensation in movies, he takes the payment as per the generation expense of the film task and chief status. He shockingly expanded his expense on Puli where the compensation for group was paid minimum.

3. Ajith Kumar: Always requesting the pay of Rs. 25 Crore, this actor is amongst the top salaried worker. His pay proportion is 60% of aggregate expense which by one means or another disheartens the maker to create any high spending plan movies with him. This has some way or another diminished the quantity of movies he do.

2. Kamal Hassan: A father of two delightful little girls’ Shruti and Akshara, this skilled man has demonstrated the point of reference of his acting in various Bollywood movies moreover. He is second in the List of top 10 highest paid Kollywood actors 2016 with the pay of 30 crore. The film stage, is the place he got to be bankrupt, and now gains a decent entirety of 30 crore. He has movies anticipating discharge in 2016. We wish him a good fortunes for the new movies.

1. Rajinikanth : How one can overlook the unbelievable Tamil actor Rajinikanth. He has demonstrated the development of acting in Tamil silver screen. His movies are epic as is his expense. From the most recent 25 years in the industry, he is on the rank 1 in the List of top 10 highest paid Kollywood actors 2016. For his late discharge Lingaa he was given the pay check of 50 crore from which 10 were circulated amongst various wholesalers.

In this way, soon a major change must be seen by the highest paid Kollywood actors are stringent on their high pay strategy.