Top 10 Highest Paid Liverpool Players

By | October 16, 2015

Know the top 10 highest paid Liverpool players in 2016, Liverpool has been a top football playing club of Europe. It has an extraordinary notoriety and a flawless line up that brings them the fourth rank in the Premiere League.

Philippe Coutinho, highest paid liverpool players

The top football playing club has numerous top players that are joined with it and in particular, all of them are the superstars as far as the fans’ decision. The top country is must extraordinary backing regarding the fans.

List of top 10 highest paid Liverpool players 2016

The top players of the group are paid profoundly and you must be willing to get the data with respect to the top players. Here is the top 10 list of liverpool players whom the group pays week by week compensation that are not even the yearly wage of numerous.

10. LUIS SUAREZ – He has been an amazing striker of the Liverpool and he is the most costly player of the group. He has been the year’s player and is one of the top players of the group with exceptional expertise as striker. The super player is paid 2 lacs pound each week.

9. STEVEN GERRARD – He has not just been an old player for the group, yet one of the most established players of the club. This player has been with the club throughout the previous 15 years and is a dangerous player of the mid-field. He has been so solid at that position that he is viewed as an immaculate one from the rivals. He is paid 1.4 lacs pound each week.

8. GLEN JOHNSON – He has been another star player of the group and he has been playing for England group at the right back position. The position stayed same for the club also. He has been another top player for the club and he gets a normal compensation of 1, 00000 pound for consistently.

7. DANIEL AGGER – Here is another key player of the group. This player additionally has been out of the group for harm for a long while, yet he has been an one of a kind player for the group and the club discovered awesome accomplishment with this player. He is paid a normal of 85 thousand pound a week from the club’s end.

6. DANIEL STURRIDGE – The immense English striker has been a star entertainer of the group and he has been a key scorer for the group too. From 2013 onwards, this player has been one of the top contenders as striker and he scored 28 times in the 35 scopes he has showed up for the group.

5. MAMADOU SAKHO – He has been a star guard for his country, Denmark. He missed a considerable lot of the Liverpool matches for damage, however performed astoundingly on the chances that he must. The top safeguard has been paid 75000 pound a week for his stupendous part in the group. Liverpool is having an in number barrier for players like him.

4. JORDAN HENDERSON – He has been a moderate begun however gradually moved high. He was thought to be a useless investment from the club, however in the 2013-14 seasons he demonstrated that the club rightly pays him 70 thousand pounds a week. This star player is in the 4th position and he is a key player for the group.

3. MARTIN SKRTEL – The top focus once again from Slovakia has been another key player of the group for seasons and he has shaken the field, at whatever point the ball is in his feet. He has been paid a normal of 70 thousand pound a week for his exceptional execution and key part in the group.

2. LUCAS LEIVA – The star mid defender of the group has been a key player of the group. He has been out from the group for a long stage because of a serious knee harm, however since he is back, he began to shake the mid-recorded once more. This player is paid 65 thousand pounds week after week and thus he is in 2nd position of highest paid Liverpool players 2016.

1. PHILIPPE COUTINHO – He has been a star player of the group and has been with the group subsequent to 2013. The top player has been one of the mainstays of the group in barrier. Club pays him a week after week compensation of 60000 pounds and he is there in the list of top 10 highest paid Liverpool players 2016 at rank 1.

All the players that are expressed above are known for their aptitudes and effectiveness in the club, as well as in the sport of football. Thus they all merit the best compensation and they are paid so from the club.