Top 10 Highest Paid Political Leaders in The World

By | October 16, 2015

Know the World’s Top 10 highest paid political leaders of 2016, Have you ever contemplated the political leaders pay scales? The take-home by the world’s most famous political figures is dependably in talks, similar to that of the other unmistakable and richest persons.

Lee Hsien Loong, highest paid political leaders

Like famous and richest persons in the field of Business, Film, Sports and from different strolls of life, the bundle got by the world’s most effective men and women who are in charge of their separate nations frequently comes in news.

Liest of top 10 highest paid political leaders of the world in 2016

According to their pay bundle is concerned, the opposition of compensation reaches between these effective leaders additionally make news. They win the most and make record in winning. By gaining enormous aggregate of cash as pay, their wage dependably comes in news and in the few world record books. Discussing the force of a political leader of the world, the part of their income is additionally discussed.

10. Jacob Zuma — The South African President of South Africa Jacob Zuma is as of now the highest acquiring president of the nation. His yearly wage is $272,280. Zuma is leader of the nation’s government under constitution of South Africa.

9. Angela Merkel — The chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel is in charge of Europe’s biggest economy. She is a designer of the 28-part European Union. Merkel’s yearly wage is $283,608. Numerous people say she merits the compensation she takes home every year.

8. John Key — Prime Minister of New Zealand—Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key takes home $290,000 pay every year, which is around 10 times than that of a normal citizen of New Zealand.

7. Stephen Harper — Prime Minister of Canada—The Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in 6th position among the worlds highest paid political leaders. His yearly pay is US$29,400.

6. Xavier Bettel, – Prime Minister of Luxembourg—The Luxembourg Prime Minister additionally positions fifth among the worlds highest paid political leaders. His yearly pay remained at $340,000. Previously served as Mayor of Luxembourg City, Bettel took office as Prime Minister of the nation in 4 December 2013.

5. Michael D. Higgins — President of Ireland – The president of Ireland Michael D. Higgins is in fifth position among the worlds highest paid political leaders. Higgins’ yearly pay is $340,000. Subsequent to expecting office Higgins asked for to diminish his compensation by 23.5 percent from €325,000 to about €250,000.

4. Tony Abbott – Prime Minister of Australia—After an increment on pay The Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott now takes home $345,000 per annum. The 28th Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott is in fourth position among the world’s highest paid political leaders 2016.

3. Barack Obama – He is the President of the United States. World’s third highest paid and the amongst the world most intense political leader, who is in charge America, the nation’s president takes home $400,000 every year. Amid the residency of George Bush Junior, the compensation of the United States President was multiplied.

2. CY Leung – Chief Executive of Hong Kong—The second highest paid political leader of the world is Chief Executive of Hong Kong CY Leung, who gets $530,000 yearly compensation, which is 12 times more than that of a normal citizen of Hong Kong.

1. Lee Hsien Loong — He is the Singapore Prime Minister. He takes home $1,700,000 (S$2.2M) every year. His compensation bundle is more than 30 times that of a normal Singaporean. Taking after feedback from his compatriot and by numerous quarters, the PM of Singapore took a 28 percent pay cut. After diminishment his pay remained at S$2.2 million, as yet making him the world’s highest paid political leader in 2016.

Being in charge of their nation and the world’s most intense person or political leaders of the world, other than getting a charge out of political force they likewise take home more than yearning income. From 10 to 30 times than that of a normal citizen of their nation these leaders rank on the list of top highest paid political leaders. Their profit make news frequently. In this way positioning in the list regularly changes. The person resting in the specific position on the list scores down every once in a while. Thus get the best information of the leaders and figure out how they are managing for the country.