Top 10 Highest Paid Soccer Players in The World

By | October 16, 2015

Know about Top 10 highest paid soccer players 2016, Soccer is considered as the Most Popular sports occasion in the world, which is likewise perceived among the highest paid sports these days.

Cristiano Ronaldo, highest paid soccer players

Because of its more than 250 million viewership all over the world this popular game gets utmost consideration from the group especially from the football fans separated from their to a great degree high yearly salary.

List of top 10 highest paid soccer players of the world 2016

Do you adore soccer then here in this list you will get the names of those players who are paid weighty for their commitment in soccer world.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid soccer players 2016

10. Luis Suarez – $19.9 million – Uruguayan national soccer player Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz, shortly works with FC Barcelona as a striker. His yearly acquiring is $19.9 million every year, which makes his 10th highest paid soccer player in the world.

9. Sergio Aguero – $25.3 million – Argentine’s a standout amongst the most requesting soccer player Sergio Leonel Agüero Del Castillo is known in all over the world with his epithet Sergio Aguero. Quickly he is a standout amongst the most vital players of Manchester City. His aggregate salary is $7.2 million consistently. Present various super brands like Puma, Pepsi, Gillette are his supporter. He shows up on various promotion crusades for these super brands.

8. James Rodriguez – $25.4 million – This Colombian star is a standout amongst the most requesting national soccer players of Colombia. Not just that James David Rodríguez Rubio is currently one of the best midfielder of Spanish club Real Madrid. His yearly gaining is $25.4 million. He marked with various super brands because of sponsorship.

7. Wayne Rooney – $25.8 million – Wayne Mark Rooney is actually the British national soccer player who is eminent as Wayne Rooney. As of late he is the most imperative player of Manchester United. According to late pay measurements, Rooney’s aggregate winning every year is $25.8 million. Out of them $19 million is his compensation which is originating from his club and he gain more $6.8 million from his endorsements consistently. Nike is his present enormous supporters, aside from this; he is working with Harper Collins, Samsung.

6. Radamel Falcao – $31 million – He is one of the eminent and most requesting national soccer player and mostly known with his handle Falcao García. In no time he is additionally the essential player of Manchester United. The later years’ compensation measurements demonstrates that his year salary is $26 million. Out of them $27 million originates from his pay and more $4 million he gain from his endorsements every year. His present most critical backers are Puma which is the sports megabrand, aside from this he works with Gillette, Samsung.

5. Neymar Jr. $31.7 million – He is prestigious and most requesting Brazilian soccer player who is in the blink of an eye played in Barcelona. Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, broadly known as Neymar acquires every year $31.7 million out of them $14.7 million generally originates from his pay from club, more $17 million he procures from his endorsement. As of now he worked with a noteworthy’s portion image of the world Volkswagen, Panasonic, Nike, L’Oreal and Castrol; he shows up in various commercial battles of these enormous brands.

4. Gareth Bale – $34.9 million – Gareth Bale is the popular national soccer player of Wales. Right away he plays for Real Madrid. He is the fourth highest paid soccer player his yearly aggregate winning is $34.9 million. $25.4 million is his compensation from club and yearly $6.5 million originates from his endorsements. In a matter of seconds he works with EA Sports, Adidas, and Lucozade.

3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – $41.8 million – Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a standout amongst the most requesting and highest paid Swedish national soccer player who is prestigious because of his intense bike kick. Present, he plays for the Paris club Saint-Germain. Compensation measurements demonstrates a report where it is watched that he is the third highest paid soccer and his aggregate procuring yearly $41.8 million. Out of it $35.8 million is his pay which is originating from the club and rest $6 million from his endorsements consistently. At present he works with Nike and Volvo and so forth.

2. Lionel Messi – $70.5 million – Lionel Andrés Messi Argentine’s most requesting national soccer player is eminent in all over the world as the Leo Messi. In no time, he plays for the famous Spanish club Barcelona. Late compensation insights says that yearly $70.5 million is Messi’s aggregate procuring. $48.5 million out of them comes as the pay from his club and $22 million he wins as endorsements consistently. Adidas, Pepsi, Samsung, Turkish Airlines and so on are his current enormous supporters are Adidas, Samsung, Pepsi, Turkish Airlines and Herbalife. He showed up in loads of promotion crusades for these organizations.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – $79 million – Cristiano Ronaldo who is actually the Portuguese national soccer player is generally famous with his moniker CR7. Right away, he plays for Real Madrid. As indicated by the pay measurements of current years, he is aggregate procuring is yearly $79 million. $52.2 million is his compensation which he gains from the club and other $26.8 million originates from his endorsements consistently. His present enormous patrons are Samsung, Nike, Tag Heuer, Fly Emirates and Herbalife. For all these organizations he showed up in numerous promotion crusades.

The national tams, clubs pay these all gifted players tremendous measure of compensation close to this they additionally gain from various commercial battle, endorsement and so forth that why they can without much of a stretch takes.