Top 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players in The World

By | October 17, 2015

Know about Top 10 highest paid tennis players 2016, Top 10 tennis players who procure the most: Tennis is one diversion which is popular amongst the youngsters more and with time more people are getting a charge out of the sport of tennis yet couple of tennis players makes a fortune out of amusement furthermore outside recreations by supporting various games brands and organizations.

Roger Federer, highest paid tennis players

From roger to Maria and various different tennis players embraces the brands and win out of them like different games players and why not when they are style symbol and standards for the youthful populace.

List of top 10 highest paid tennis players 2016:

Because there are numerable tennis occasions all around the years and players win great payoff by winning and playing the amusement. The following is the list of couple of popular tennis players who are the most gaining celebrities in tennis world:

10. Caroline Wozniacki : Danish player who is more known for her looks, still she has accomplished the position of no. 1 in gesture of congratulations on WTA visit. Her yearly acquiring is $10.8 million.

9. Kei Nishikori: On the position 5, this Japanese player is a second ago on the list. He is single Japanese player he is amongst top 10 tennis player ever. Yearly acquiring is $11 million with the fantastic pummel winning of $9 million and endorsement procuring of $2million.

8. Victoria Azarenk : From the Belarus, she is eighth in the list. Her yearly gaining is $11.1 million and she is presumably the most youthful in the list with the period of just 25 years. She is delightful tennis player with the two thousand hammer win. Her endorsement procuring is $7.5 million.

7. Andy Murray : Full named as Andrew Barron Murray is Scottish by cause. His present rank is third in world positioning amongst tennis players. His yearly profit are $19.1 million with the prize cash of $4.1 million and the endorsement procuring of $15 million. He is one of the best tennis players the tennis has seen.

6. Serena Williams: This tennis player is more famous because of her contentions. Likening her winning she acquires $11 million from endorsements and $11 from the terrific title wins. She is one of the known female tennis player who have demonstrated turning point of tennis playing. Not all that shockingly she has won 20 thousand pummel titles in singles. She is amongst the best tennis players the tennis fields could ever get. In age of 33 years she has accomplished heaps of notoriety and titles too.

5. Li Na : An once more 1982 conceived player who has presently took retirement because of a harm is fifth in the list of top winning tennis player who has for each year income of $23.6 million. Her acquiring from winning titles is $5.6 million and endorsement gaining is $25 million. From Chinese inception her entire profession win from great pummel singles is twice.

4. Maria sharpova : In reality an extraordinary female tennis player, who is amongst the richest tennis player too. She has supported various brands like Nike, Samsung and so forth truth be told she has indicated appearance entrance ramp also. She gains around $24.4 million. Her tremendous amusement as well as she has delightful face also.

3. Novak Djokovic : This young fellow from Serbia is on rank first right now. He had won Wimbledon title in 2014 furthermore the runner up title for French open. 2015 is required to be more fortunate for him. His aggregate wage is $33.1 million. He procures around $22 million from endorsement profit just.

2. Rafael Nadal: Absolute 14 thousand hammers have been won by him including US open. He procures around $44 million in a year. Nike is amongst the first brands endorsement by him. 2014, was bit les fortunes voracious and he won French open. He is from Spain and a set up as a highest paid tennis players.

1. Roger Fedrar: As per present positioning, he positions third amongst the tennis players in entire world. His acquiring is assessed as $56.2 million. He is record holder in accomplishing the most extreme amazing hammer titles. He has endorsement with brands like Nike, Rolex and Credit Suisse. He plays from Switzerland.

Obviously the real piece of their profit is not from the amusements but rather from the endorsements they make.