Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Divas in The World

By | October 19, 2015

Know about Top 10 highest paid WWE divas 2016, Not just the men have developed in expert wrestling world, additionally women have likewise in the industry more than 20 years earlier. In the event that you look couple of years back, you can see that female wrestlers weren’t absolutely lookers.

Torrie Wilson, highest paid WWE divas

In any case, now female wrestlers who is known as the WWE Divas, appreciate immense measure of pay and awesome achievement.

List of the top 10 highest paid WWE Divas of year 2016

We are certain you will be quick to know in insight about the highest paid WWE Divas. So don’t squander your time and read the beneath substance for your data.

10. Sable (Rena Marlette Lesnar) – Net Worth: $1.5 million – Sable who was one of the eminent female wrestlers, now turned into sex images. Without further ado, Rena Marlette is hitched with other famous wrestlers Brock Lesnar, who is other highest paid mail wrestlers. Most of the Wrestling fans never forget herself because of her super gorgeous body shape as she cherish uncovered herself in WWE ring. She is the 10th highest paid WWE divas 2016.

9. Nikki Bella – Net Worth: $1.5 million – Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace who is famous with her handle Nikkin bella has made a name with her twin sister Brie. Basically these twin sisters have effectively made a brand for themselves. They seem various design magazines as glamor girl furthermore show up in loads of reality appear. That is the reason Nikki called ‘All out Divas’. Present, Nikki is dating with other well off wrestler, John Cena. She is the 9 highest paid WWE divas in 2016.

8. Brie Bella – Net Worth: $1.7 million – Brianna Garcia-Colace who is popular with her handle Brie Bella, is the other portion of Bella twin. She is the eighth highest paid female wrestler who wins yearly $1.7 million. Brie is additionally dating with other eminent and highest paid male Daniel Bryan. Her WWE show has more than 1 million viewers

7. Natalya – Net Worth: $2.2 million – Natalya or Nattie Neidhart who is in the blink of an eye a popular name in WWE ring is the girl of previous substantial weight WWE champion Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart furthermore the niece of Bret Hart. Under the coach Calgary, Natalya can effectively manufacture a name as a first third-era female professional wrestler. Actually, she is having a place from wrestler family, wrestling is in her blood. She generally tries to give astonishing exhibitions and ought to be highlighted all the more vigorously on TV. She is currently in the seventh position as the highest paid female wrestler.

6. AJ Lee – Net Worth: $2.3 million – April Jeanette Mendez or Aj Lee is eminent as the most persuading WWE Diva for the couple of years. She has a sentimental storylines as she was dating with excursions with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, John Cena, Kane and so forth. She has an insane character which has been making her all the more fascinating in WWE TV. She is the sixth highest paid WWE divas with $2.3 million yearly wage.

5. Lita – Net Worth: $2.5 million – Amy Dumas or Lita is the four-time victor of WWE Women’s Champion. As of late she finished the 7 years in WWE ring. In the year of 2006, she has been resigned, at some point showed up in WWE TV. She additionally appreciates a profession from the ring’s outside. She takes the fifth position in the list because her yearly pay is $2.5 million.

4. Trish Stratus – Net Worth: $3 million – Make an introduction in Canada’s most noteworthy fare, Trish Stratus is a female wrestler that each wrestling fan could want in a wrestling diva. She is wonderful, gorgeous, alluring, and magnetic. Aside from this, she is the seven-time victor of Women’s champion. Presently she is the fourth highest paid female wrestler and her yearly salary is $3 million.

3. Mickie James – Net Worth: $4 million – She has been in wrestling ring subsequent to 1999. What’s more, she put in over 10 years in this field. Presently she is the fruitful business women after discharge WWE ring in the year of 2010. She was the 5 times proprietor of Women’s WWE Championship. Mickie James is in the third position in the list of top 10 highest paid WWE divas 2016 and she procures $4 million every year.

2. Stacy Keibler – Net Worth: $4.5 million – Stacy Keibler, who is additionally the popular name in WWE ring, began her vocation as a wrestler at 19 years old, when she is in the school. Aside from this, she was additionally appealing cheerleader of Baltimore Ravens. After that, she proceeded as a WWE under the moniker Miss Hancock. She is the second highest female wrestler with $4.5 million yearly wage.

1. Torrie Wilson – Net Worth: $18 million – Torrie Wilson is known as the American blonde stunner, has come to statures position of the list. Her yearly pay is $18 million. Prior to her wrestling vocation, she won Miss Galaxy 1998. In 2003, this gorgeous woman showed up as a glamor girl of Playboy magazine.

These all divas are not just wrestler, they are likewise gifted model, and some of them are business women in the wake of consummation their wrestling vocation. This list depends on the compensation of these highest paid WWE divas.