Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Superstars in The World

By | October 19, 2015

Know about Top 10 highest paid WWE superstars 2016, Wrestling industry mirrors the examples of overcoming adversity of a few wrestlers who have committed their whole life in this industry. WWE has offered stage to new wrestlers and have given them a chance to win substantial wage each year.

Kane, highest paid WWE superstars

Fans additionally help them to gain substantial income because of their attachment to a superstar and they pay intensely for tickets to watch the battle of their superstars. These WWE superstars are known for performing dangerous tricks each time and give motivation to their fans to adore them for the same.

List of top 10 highest paid WWE superstars 2016:

The list of highest paid WWE superstar is given underneath. Beneath list additionally demonstrates the devotion and time that a superstar has put resources into this industry. Consequently gets nice looking income for his exceptionally adulating execution.

10. The Rock: $ 3.5 million – The Rock is at the most obvious as far as pay and is an extremely popular face in wrestling. He is a superstar that has earned immense notoriety because of his diligent work and commitment. He cherishes his work and for this reasons he finds himself able to keep up his high salary. Thus, he is extremely energetic about this work and love to enliven his fans.

9. John Cena: $2.75 million – He is a popular personality that stayed with this industry for recent years. People love his new procedure, learning abilities and energy. His match ECW’s One Night Stand with RVD was a defining moment of his life and made him popular. In this match, he acknowledged his lose and put RVD as a new victor and entertained whole crowed.

8. The Undertaker: $ 2.25 Million – Exceptionally popular name in wrestling industry, he has extraordinary fans and is the considerable darling of this amusement. He is a senior statesman and is viewed as the foundation of wrestling industry. He generally stays joined with his fans from long terms is still an exceptionally popular face for wrestling significant others. Despite the fact that he just battles once in a year, he remains the explanation behind substantial crowed of fans in ring.

7. Triple H: $2.12 million – Triple H is a popular name in wrestling, as alongside WWE, he is likewise extremely popular in NXT and WCW. He wedded to his manager girl and from there on never looked upheld in his bearer. He has an awesome future in wrestling, has contributed a great deal in this energizing diversion.

6. Brock Lesnar: $ 2 million – Brock Lesnar is a brisk take in and he moved from low wage to the most worker in WWE. In the wake of increasing incredible accomplishment in this amusement, he additionally moved to UFC and again picks up consideration from colossal fans. His compensation is further expanded and inside of three years, he increased colossal increment in his pay.

5. Randy Orton $1.6 million – This player is known for her wellness and body structure that fit best in wrestling. He is known for his battling aptitudes and is known not generally tricky. He is from wrestling foundation that improves him in this diversion. Diligent work and commitment towards wrestling helped Randy to made incredible progress. Thus, he should be among the highest salary workers in wrestling.

4. Sheamus: $1.3 million – Sheamus is a snappy learner and he is known for his fast accomplishment in wrestling. He increased awesome backing from his fans. He is popular for his push and is realized that he gained all such from Triple H.

3. Big Show: $1.2 million – Subsequent to going into WWE, Big Show began adapting new systems of wrestling rapidly and increased high notoriety in this transporter.He has the third rank in the list of top 10 highest paid WWE superstars 2016.

2. Chris Jericho: $974,000 – This WWE superstar is popular among its fans and has given way to youthful gifts to enter in this amusement. Alongside wrestling, he is likewise known for his lucrative acting style. Keeping in mind the end goal to perform in non-broadcasts house appear, Chris Jericho is as of late contracted for this. He is exceptionally energetic and gangs intimate romance for wrestling.

1. Kane: $905,000 – Kane is one of the engaging WWE superstars who are generously compensated for his exceptionally occupying for this amusement. From the previous 20 years, these superstars are captivating the gathering of people and are among the top list of such superstars regarding highest salary.

Thus, the list of top workers in WWE gives the subtle elements of all the superstars alongside their wage. Each of them has their fan followings and they generally perform well to enthrall them.