Top 10 Highest Paid Youtubers in The World

By | October 19, 2015

Know about the Top 10 highest paid Youtubers 2016, You Tube recordings has given a biggest wellspring of wage to a people’s percentage who has incredible potential have picked up popularity in transferring popular recordings and increased high consideration from people.

UberHaxorNova, Highest paid Youtubers

In spite of the fact that there are a few You Tube stars, still there are few who are among the highest paid youtubers.

List of top 10 highest paid Youtubers 2016:

The underneath list of top 10 highest paid Youtubers is a commit work of master group that has removed this data from various sources and gave a list of a portion of the highest wage gainers structure You Tube recordings.

10. PewDiePie: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish computer game commentator who has transferred these popular activity computer games on You Tube. One of the highest gaining computer game of this proprietor is ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’. His aggregate yearly profit from these recordings are 7 million. He has 33,525,405 supporters and 7,400,126,842 viewers.

9. Yogscast Lewis and Simon: Yogscast Lewis and Simon have transferred a percentage of the most entertaining amusements on You Tube that has earned a yearly salary of 6.7 million to its proprietor. It has all out 2,940,251,397 perspectives alongside 7,232,198 supporters.

8. Smosh: This You Tube channel gives a yearly pay of 5.7 million and has 19,545,673 supporters alongside 3,959,654,811 perspectives. Anthpny Padilla presented this channel alongside some of his companions. This channel gives satire and lip-sync vides that have increased high popularity on You Tube.

7. DC Toys Collector: This station gives enormous gathering of Disney recordings that are implied for youngsters and has increased high popularity among this age bunch. This channel gives a yearly wage of 5 million and has 3,369,452 endorsers alongside 4,560,266,446 perspectives.

6. BluCollection ToyCollector: This You Tube channel gives a yearly wage of 4.8 million and has expansive number of supporters like 1,513,438 and with aggregate perspectives of 2,622,204,041. It is known for giving children well disposed recordings. Most of the recordings are in Portuguese and Espanol that is implied for babies, little children and preschool youngsters.

5. JennaMarbles: Jenna Marbles is a female You Tube channel holder who has accomplishments in setting her in a list of top most workers in You Tube. Her yearly pay is $4.3 million and has aggregate number of 14,511,148 supporters. Aggregate perspectives of this channel are 1,650,076,560. His video tile ‘How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking’ picked up her world popularity. He has the 5th rank in the List of top 10 highest paid Youtubers 2016.

4. TobyGames: The yearly pay is $4.2 million and has complete supporters of 6,917,106. With a colossal viewers like 1,867,214,633, this gaming channel is among the highest popular diversion divert in You Tube. Amusement arrangement like ‘Watch me neglect to be great at computer games’, “Skyrim”Minecraft” and ‘Strolling Dead’ have effectively picked up the consideration of substantial number of viewers. Alongside this gaming channel, he additionally has two different channels like my Lazy Vlog and Tobuscus.

3. RayWilliamJohnson: This is a popular channel that was begun by Ray William Johnson, his enthusiasm for these You Tube recordings began when he was considering law in Columbia University. He began his own particular recordings and the drama that he gave in his recordings increase high considerations from viewers. He has a salary of $4 million yearly from aggregate perspectives of 2,810,096,227 and aggregate supporters of 10,827,107. He hold the 3rd position in the List of top 10 highest paid Youtubers 2016.

2. UberHaxorNova: James Richard Wilson Jr possesses the popular channel UberHaxorNova on You Tube. It was begun in the year 2008 and is the best place to appreciate a few jokes and recordings. It has potential viewers of 2,713,385 and aggregate perspectives of 1,422,401,817. Thus, because of the highest fan taking after and viewers, this You Tube channel has the capacity increase high yearly pay of $3.5 million.

1. Annoying Orange: Dane Boedigheimer made this comic drama web arrangement amid the year 2010. He picked up consideration of immense populace and because of this; he was competent to win a yearly wage of $3.4 million. He has 4,100,240 supporters and this web arrangement has aggregate perspectives of 2,410,594,143. Because of the colossal accomplishment of these recordings, this has brought forth computer game, TV serial and a T-shirt line.

Here are a percentage of the finest and highest You Tube workers from their channels and recordings that they transfer. People can pick their best You Tube amusement and recordings and appreciate the joy and fun of these recordings.