Top 10 Richest MMA Fighters in The World

By | October 9, 2015

Know about the Top 10 richest MMA fighters 2016, MMA has become a cash turning monetary triumphant from being a great game for most players. In the course of recent years, UFC has conceded some gigantic raises for this game on the whole universe.

Georges St. Pierre, Richest MMa Fighters

It is simply not the cash that these players have been stowing however all of them manage a percentage of the famous brands on the planet.

List of Top 10 richest MMA fighters of the world in 2016

The listing of Top 10 richest MMA fighters may leave most of you stunned as some of them can be considered the standard suspects. These tip top fighters have possessed the capacity to get a decent aggregate by underwriting for biggest brands and rose as an exemplification of money related mammoths.

10. Georges St. Pierre ($ 25 Million) – St. Pierre is the greatest name in MMA and is known not the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

9. BJ Penn ($ 20 Million) – Penn has turned into an affluent man because of his capacity to stay in the UFC for such quite a while. He started battling at 22 years old in the year 2001. This legend originates from a rich family and runs a site known as, which makes Penn second most well off fighter.

8. Anderson Silva ($ 18 Million) – Silva never lost a battle for seven long years before Weidman finished his showy notoriety of standing tall for so long in July 2013. Silva got to be one of the highest paid fighters in UFC’s history. He is amongst the most eminent Brazilian competitors and has marked supports with Burger King and Nike in South America.

7. Randy Couture ($ 17 Million) – Randy is one of the best MMA fighters alive and scandalous for having the capacity to hold two unique titles in their assigned weight divisions. While his vocation was very nearly annihilation, he was gaining about $1 million for every battle. He battled until the age of 47. He has cleared his way into Hollywood by acting in the film arrangement Expendables.

6. Fedor Emelianenko ($ 16.5 Million) – Fedor made his name as the best mystery in the realm of fighters and he is on keep running for achievement. He had huge pay days with an astounding battle versus Andrei Arlovski and Tim Sylvia. The battle in the middle of him and Brock Lesnar could have been exceptional however it neglected to appear.

5. Wanderlai Silva ($ 16 Million) – Silva has been a piece of an exceptional’s portion battles in the historical backdrop of MMA and is known not amongst the most exciting fighters of all times. He was the highest paid fighter and was included amongst the greatest names Pride. He came to UFC with a fan taking after that aided in holding his enormous pay. Silva has his own material linings and an eminent recreation center in Las Vegas.

4. Tito Ortiz ($ 15 Million) – Ortiz was amongst the first UFC stars and he knew the strategies to offer himself to his fans. Abhor him or adoration him, everybody needed to see him hit the session. He had his notorious “Discipline” attire line. He joined with Bellator and stays to be amongst the most prestigious fighters in the entire world.

3. Chuck Liddell ($ 13Million) – Known as a standout amongst the most perceived fighters on the planet, the “IceMan” is UFC Hall-of-Famer. He has an immense fan taking after alongside a UFC metal, which drove UFC into the standard of games world. For this, Dana White and her group compensated Liddell. Tito Ortiz and Liddell’s battle drew above 1 million PPV purchases on the TV and this was his greatest settlements.

2. Quinton Jackson ($ 12 Million) – In the wake of joining in February 2007, Quinton “Frenzy” Jackson was tallied amongst the surely understood names in the UFC. He packed away a great many dollars and held the belt for a brief timeframe compass. He advanced toward the film business and showed up in the movie The A-Team. As of late, he cooperated with Reebok for embracing a Rampage shoe.

1. Jon Jones ($ 10 Million) – As of now considered UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones has been effectively shielding the spot subsequent to the year 2010. Indeed, even subsequent to being a piece of contentions encompassing the locals of New York, he has possessed the capacity to sack a great deal of cash. He found himself able to secure the arrangements with Gatorade and Nike. Yet, later, Gatorade denied about making an understanding and Nike dropped the underwriting in 2014.

The above MMA players are doing incredible occupation in this specific field of games furthermore acquiring great sum from support of different brands. They are motivation for some MMA fighters.