Top 10 Richest Rock Stars in The World

By | October 10, 2015

Know about the Top 10 richest rock stars 2016, Rock stars are assuming dynamic part in the music business, as they assume a dynamic part in giving best music to their fans and music significant others.

Gene Simmons, Richest Rock Stars

This industry has additionally given them incredible bearer opportunity alongside money related soundness.

List of top 10 richest rock stars 2016:

The rock stars that are listed beneath are among the highest workers and are known for their flexible abilities. Rock stars are the most popular among music admirers and they are the pulse of peoples. Here is a list of all the top 10 rock stars 2016 who are gaining most noteworthy.

10. Paul McCartney: The total assets of Paul McCartney is $1.2 billion and is among the richest rock star. He is a dynamic author of popular English rock band ‘The Beatles”. He is in the list of the most fruitful performer and writer of all the time and sold around 60 gold plates, 100 million singles, and 100 million albums.

9. Bono: Bono is an Irish craftsman who is known for his flexible music and his rock band U2 for giving best music to fans. He has a total assets of $600 million and has effectively sold different 150 million records and 12 albums.

8. Elton John: Elton John is a British musician is a profoundly flexible and skilled craftsman who has earned a total assets of $450 million. At 3 years old, he wanted to play piano and this demonstrated his enthusiasm for music. His first album was discharged in 1969 named ‘Void Sky’ that was super hit of now is the ideal time. Amid years 1972 to 1975, he discharged seven albums that topped different diagrams. As his transporter is concerned, he finds himself able to offer around 300 million records and as increased high popularity.

7. Mick Jagger: Another fruitful craftsman, who has earned high wage from his ability and singing style, Mick Jagger is an English musician, singer, record maker, and adaptable songwriter. His total assets is $360 million and is an influencer performer from recent years. In the year 2003, he got his knighthood from Queen Elizabeth.

6. Keith Richards: Keith Richards is a popular English craftsman who has picked up popularity and salary from his different possibilities that he has appeared in songwriting, singing, guitar and has effectively created different movies. His total assets is $340 million and this demonstrates his adaptability and potential as being multitalented craftsman. He is the fruitful owner of The Rolling Stones rock band and is in an organization with his youth companion Mick Jagger in this band.

5. Bjorn Ulvaeus: Bjorn Ulvaeus is a Swedish author, essayist, musician, songwriter, and maker who has total assets of $300 million and is organizer of ABBA gathering. He is further known for his exceptionally popular film Mama Mia and a decent companion of Benny Anderson.

4. Ringo Starr: Ringo Starr is the dynamic people from Beatles since 1962 and is among the most popular British musician. The total assets of this rock star is $300 million. He is an eccentric drumming style craftsman who has effectively discharged 15 studio albums.

3. Bon Jovi: Bon Jovi is an American musician who has a total assets of $300 million. This band has a record offering of 120 million albums lately and has a popular band Namesake rock band. Aside from these albums, they have discharged 13 studios albums for its fans. Their album Slippery ‘When Wet’ is confirmed by RIAA and is the most fruitful album.

2. Sting: Sting is a British Musician and giver who have picked up a total assets of $300 million. He is an person from a popular band The Police and is a popular solo craftsman. He joined this band in the year 1977, and has effectively sold 100 million of records overall and has earned overwhelming wage. This band gathering holds six Grammy Awards added to their prosperity repertoire that were accomplished amid 1978 to 1083.

1. Gene Simmons: Quality Simmons is among the richest rock star that has picked up highest popularity in his small bearer. He has total assets of $300 million and is known as ‘The Demon’. He is among the richest rock star of America and is bass guitarist, co-lead vocalist. He is an organizer of a popular rock band Kiss that was established in the year 1970. This band is known for offering around 100 million albums as such.

The list of most fruitful rock stars of present time demonstrates the commitment and popularity of these craftsmen. This is the reason that they are the richest rock star of this time and peoples can appreciate the popular songs and albums from his most loved singer.