Top 10 Most Popular Hottest UAAP Basketball Players

By | October 24, 2015

Know about Top 10 most popular hottest UAAP basketball players in 2016, This list of top 10 most popular hottest UAAP basketball players in 2016 is based exclusively as per the investigations of all sort of measurements.

Mike Nieto, Hottest UAAP Basketball players

not just the execution of the players in UAAP season 77, additionally their planned to make a moment impact on next season, if at the idealistic tallness or, because on account of a few players, in their previous playing year in school or college secondary school. These all UAAP basketball players are most gifted, talented in all playing viewpoint.

List of top 10 most popular hottest UAAP basketball players 2016

We inquired about a considerable measure to discover the names of UAAP basketball players who are hot and provocative and popular too in this games.

Check the list of hottest UAAP basketball players 2016 below

10. Aljun Melecio (DLSZ) – G – Aljun Melecio who is in the 10th position has effectively bit with his contention Ateneo’s Jolo Mendoza, and they proceeded with that this past season. Without a doubt, Melecio was the principle and most favored man for Coach Boris Aldeguer in the 77 Season.

9. Jolo Mendoza (Ateneo) – G – Jolo Mendoza is the volume shooter and one of the gifted player of the world. (I abhor twofold negatives, please observe), as indicated by the late report, he will be a standout amongst the most requesting and additionally most looked for after player of next season.

8. Javi Gomez de Liano (UPIS) – F – There you can discover three Gomez de Lianos in UPIS group, yet Javi is more skilled among them. He is multi gifted player. You can discover all sorts of stroke on him, he has flawless body length. He is presently in eighth position in the list of hottest UAAP basketball players 2016.

7. Quinito Banzon (DLSZ) – G/F – Quinito Banzon, who is basically Atenean, feels exceptionally pleased wearing the green and white shirt of DLSZ. This gifted player takes the seventh position. Aside from his ability, he has likewise great body length, can make impeccable stroke, furthermore has great body length.

6. Jaydee Tungcab (Adamson) – F – Jaydee Tungcab is the local of Laguna, was basically a disclosure in Adamson’s past season. Mentor Goldwyn Monteverde assisted him with blossoming into a star. Be that as it may, he need to accomplish more work, on the off chance that he need to go next level, similar to make more grounded body. He is currently in sixth position in this list furthermore a skilled player.

5. Wendell Comboy (FEU) – G – Wendell Comboy is one of the rising star of UAAP basketball takes the fifth position. This promising player is tricky, can score from all spot, ready to bounce back, aside from this he is likewise great playmaker. In any case, regardless he requires more work on his shot determination and in addition his choice making. In this two spot he is very week.

4. Philip Manalang (NU) – PG – Manalang who is in the fourth position, was a nobody after Season 76, however now he gets tremendous popularity. In present season, this UAAP player is as consistent as a stone, the principle explanation for this, that Bullpups saved his for fourth straight Juniors Finals. He has all sorts of expertise, that he can sting effortlessly his rivals in distinctive ways.

3. Imprint Dyke (NU) – PF/C – Dyke made a disappointment in the last round of Season 77 Finals, however it must be a hose certainty that he is the best enthusiastic about numerous classes. He has various sort of ability, because of this ability he turn into the 3th hottest UAAP basketball players in 2016. He is in the third position of this expertise.

2. Matt Nieto (Ateneo) – G – On the off chance that you make any correlation with his twin, you may watch Matt is more encouraging player than his twin. Because matt has such sort of expertise set and capacity which any group finds. His colleague fined him in all open spots, drive, furthermore any sorts of shoot all things considered. He is on second position in the list of hottest UAAP basketball players 2016.

1. Mike Nieto (Atone) – PF/C – Mike Nieto is a top 10 most sweltering/most popular/hottest UAAP basketball player in 2016. He helps his most to remember the fan a considerable measure of previous basketball star Bacon Austria. Because Mike Nieto has bunches of similitudes with Bacon in his playing. Bacon Austria wore as the essential man as a wingman in college. The same way is trailed by Big Mike.

This 10 capable player is eminent for their great non-verbal communication, aptitude, ability and gorgeous look. They all have huge number of fan. Fundamentally this list of hottest UAAP basketball players 2016 is made by execution of the player in UAA