5 Seconds Of Summer All Time Top Songs List, Upcoming Albums

By | April 16, 2015

A team of young boys who loved music more than their life and set out to grab the world in their musical wings- Presenting Top 5 songs of 5 Seconds of Summer

This musical band was formed in the year 2011 in Sydney and is an Australian pop punk and pop rock band. The band has its 4 members named Micheal Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Ashton Irwin and Calum Hood. The group’s songs were famous as the You Tube celebrities and were the leading covering artists to record the cover songs of the popular songs. They then decided to go out and amaze the world with their amazing collaborations. In 2014 their debut album was released worldwide.

5 Seconds Of Summer top new songs list and upcoming albums and events in 2015-2016

They were and are still known as the boy band with their breathtaking love songs and other numbers. They were invited by another band named One Direction on a world Tour and this was the change in their career trajectory. They rose like a star and have never stopped amazing the world with their best songs and numbers. The major album of this infamous boy band is:

• 5 Seconds of Summer released in 2015

With the most amazing establishment of juvenile tone and a subtle voice in their songs- We bring to you the Top 5 Songs of 5 SOS
With their peppy and the most romantic numbers, this band has not let down all its lovers. They still continue to bring down all the best toned and lyrics for the songs. We are aware of how crazy you are behind the singer and have therefore prepared a list of the songs that will amaze you completely.

Top 5 songs of 5 Seconds of Summer:

1. Amnesia: This song is just perfect. Why not be? The song has just not given up on any aspect. From beautiful lyrics to mesmerizing music, it has it all! The song will drown you along with its flow of music. Even a single man or a hopeless romantic can understand the essence of this song, get in its vibe, and groove with its music. The song is a masterpiece and the boys got an amazing appreciation for the numbers that they were releasing. Geniusly written and executed, this song needs to be on the top of every 5 SOS lovers. The slow calming tone and the tempo of the music works well with the entire lyrics.

2. She Looks So Perfect: This song was a musical anthem to many people. Continued to mesmerize the world with this mix, the singers in the band were great with their vocal tone and throw of words. The lyrics are by far the best and catchy cum attractive at the same time. People attempt to sing the cover for this song, but no one could ever cope up to the bar that was set high by these boys.

3. Heartbreak Girl: The lyrics of this song are something, which many people could relate to their story of heartbreaks and lost love. An addictive song, which killed the hearts of many young lovers and kept them in the flow with the feelings.

4. Don’t Stop: Everyone loved the way these boys attempted the rock music. This is the time when their career showed a tremendous increase with a large number of hits. The video and the melody of this song are the best and work well when you pump the music loud in your ears. The beats will just boom in your ears.

5. Good Girls: The song mainly described all the girls from a Christian school. They gained maximum number of votes for describing about the girls of a school in their varied avatars.

The List of Top 20 5 Seconds of Summer Songs for 2015-2016

1. She Looks So Perfect
2. Amnesia
3. Don’t Stop
4. Good Girls
5. Kiss Me Kiss Me
6. Everything I Didn’t Say
7. Heartbreak Girl
8. Beside You
9. 18
10. Long Way Home
11. End Up Here
12. Voodoo Doll
13. Social Casualty
14. Never Be
15. English Love Affair
16. Heartache on the Big Screen
17. What I Like About You
18. The Only Reason
19. Try Hard
20. Don’t Stop – Acoustic

Upcoming songs and events of 5 Seconds of Summer 2015-2016

Year 2015 will be happening for the team of 5 Seconds of Summer. In coming time we will share with you the list of Upcoming songs of 5 Seconds of Summer 2015-2016. Keep visiting this website at regulat interval to stay updated.

If you are a true fan of 5 seconds of summer, stay with us and we will bring you more about their style of music.