A Great Big World All Time Top Songs List, Upcoming Movies

By | April 16, 2015

Mutual understanding of two partners made them popular in American music industry- A Great Big World

A Great Big World is a group of two members and is a popular band in New York. Chad Vaccarino and Ian Axel is founder of this group and are very popular singer and songwriter of America. Moreover, A Great Big World gained its popularity after the release of “This Is the New Year” and “Say Something” songs.

A Great Big World top new songs list and upcoming albums and events in 2015-2016

Struggle of A Great Big World that gave its fan some best songs – Top 5 songs of a Great Big World

The band A Great Big World came into existence in the year 2012, when these both signed for an official name of this band. Their “This Is the New Year” song was the highly preferred song and was performed by casts in an episode Glee. It was also licensed to be various television networks and was the theme song for televisions. Moreover, this group signed with Epic Records and under the Epic label released three songs in May 2013. The popular album of this group is:

Is There Anybody Out There?

If you are a great fan of A Great Big World, then here we present the list of top 5 songs of this band. These songs will definitely provide you the real nectar of this band and the beauty of its creativity in music industry.

Top 5 songs of A Great Big World

1. Already home: This is a fascinating song due to its heart touching lyrics and softy melody music. A unique song makes it at the top song of A Great Big World. This has emerged as the most demanding song among fans.

2. I don’t wanna love somebody else: This song of A Great Big World is the life of almost every clubs and discs. After its release, this song has also provided variety of remixes to its fans. Its lively lyrics and beats will definitely force anyone to dance and listen it frequently. Hence, it became the best and highly appreciated song of this band and people started loving the songs of this band madly for its hearts touching music.

3. I really want it: This song is the greatest achievements of A Great Big World. It was the massive hit after its release and gained top position in public demand. This song was the massive glow to the name of this band and people came to know the possibility and creativity of this band. Fans started expecting much more from this band and it never disappointed them.

4. Everyone is gay: This is very romantic song by A Great Big World, and it has reached the hearts of its listener. Its romantic melody and lyrics have made it a unique song and highly preferable among teenagers and college fans. Young generation highly demanded it in radios for several weeks and got thump up in several shows.

5. Cheer up: This song is very popular and have reached the billboard charts. It is a unique and a particular kind of song that is highly preferred by its audience for its unique lyrics. It is the highly demanding song at radio and music stations and once you listen it, you will be great fan of it.

The List of Top 20 A Great Big World Songs for 2015-2016

1. Say Something
2. Shorty Don’t Wait
3. Rockstar
4. I Don’t Wanna Love Somebody Else
5. I Really Want It
6. Everyone Is Gay
7. Already Home
8. Land of Opportunity
9. Shorty Don’t Wait – Live from Spotify NYC
10. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
11. This Is the New Year
12. You’ll Be Okay
13. There Is an Answer
14. Cheer Up!
15. Already Home – NOW What’s Next!
17. Interview – Live from Spotify NYC
18. Rockstar – Live from Spotify NYC
19. Intro – Live from Spotify NYC
20. This Is the New Year – Live from Spotify NYC

Upcoming songs and events of A Great Big World 2015-2016

This amazing band is creating sensation across globe and their fan base is increasing at a rapid speed and all are eager to get the list of Upcoming songs of A Great Big World 2015-2016.

We will share with you the list of upcoming songs very soon. Keep visiting this section regularly to stay updated about Upcoming songs of A Great Big World 2015-2016.