Awolnation All Time Top Songs List, Upcoming Albums

By | April 15, 2015

The top songs that brought acclaim to the famous band AWOLNATION

AWOLNATION is a well known and famous electronic band of America. This is known for its wonderful composition and great understanding of music by the help of that it totally wooed its audience and has given them a cause to take pleasure and attend all the shows. By its song, the band has been extremely famous amongst the heaps and has also handled to keep aside the adorable and special place for itself in the minds and hearts of the lovers of music.

Awolnation top new songs list and upcoming songs and events in 2015-2016

AWOLNATION has impressed many people by their breathtaking songs and music.

New songs made by AWOLNATION have entertained their fans marvelously and have also offered them with a grand choice to strengthen their mood and listen in to the finest music that has been made for them. It is with the help of their songs that the band has established great praise from the opponents and has also been chosen for several awards. AWOLNATION new singles are acclaimed and appreciated by his fans, and they obtain it with wide arms open as they for all time love to listen to the music made by this group.

• Wake Up
• Jump On My Shoulders
• Kill Your Heroes
• Not Your Fault
• Sail

List of Top 5 songs of AWOLNATION in 2015

It highly electrifies them and also makes them fall in love for it every time when they take interest in it. Our experts in the team have dedicated themselves in organizing the list of songs below. We are sure that you will enjoy and love these songs for certain.

The top five songs of AWOLNATION that you will love to listen to are listed below:

1. Wake Up- This is a great song that has made the band expand and build up its position in the industry of music. This song has also facilitated the listeners to know the greatest moment and to gain immense attention from various corners of the world.

2. Jump On My Shoulders- It is from this song that the band has gathered great honor and praises from various parts of the world and have also established exclusive affirmative reviews from the listeners and the fans. This is one of the most famous songs of the AWOLNATION.

3. Kill Your Heroes- By this amazing song, the band has flawlessly established a grand place for them in the hearts and minds of thousands of audience. It has also made a special place for them in the industry of music.

4. Not Your Fault- This is a great song that at all time helps you to improve your mood and feelings and also experience something exclusive and rare. It is because of the splendor of the lyrics that are used in this song that everyone has always valued it since the time of its launch.

5. Sail- This is a magnificent song that is further than any assessment. You will just admire paying interest to this awesome song at any time when you are all by yourself or in a public place in the evening. This song has powerfully made its important place in the playlist of the fans of the band, and it is extremely respected by all. It is one of the most excellent songs of AWOLNATION.

The List of Top 20 AWOLNATION Songs for 2015-2016

1. Sail
2. Kill Your Heroes
3. Not Your Fault
4. Guilty Filthy Soul
5. Wake Up
6. Burn It Down
7. Jump On My Shoulders
8. All I Need
9. Soul Wars
10. People
12. Megalithic Symphony
13. Knights Of Shame
14. Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)
15. Kill Your Heros
16. MF
17. Some Kind of Joke
18. Swinging from the Castles
19. Sail – Unlimited Gravity Remix
20. Sail (Feed Me Remix)

Upcoming songs and events of AWOLNATION 2015-2016

We are confident about the fact that the fans of AWOLNATION will be looking forward for the Upcoming songs of AWOLNATION 2015-2016. We will share the list with you very soon so that you can enjoy listening to them.

AWOLNATION most recent songs 2015-2016 are going to rule the busters of the chart as they are being composed with grand efforts by the members of the band. They are paying attention to each and every part of the song superbly for the reason that they are anticipated to come up with something different and amazing. The forthcoming albums are looked and are awaited after the fans extensively. Stay tuned with us for more update about Awolnation.