Capital Cities All Time Top Songs List, Upcoming Albums

By | April 14, 2015

Capital Cities top new and hit songs that help improve your attitude.

An American duo who is extremely famous for their entertaining and wonderful music is the Capital Cities. The music listeners and lovers all the time love to listen to their songs and get an opportunity to unite with it by its amazing and wonderful sense and the best lyrics. This is a superb duo that has the talent to come up with an extraordinary and amazing track that will just flatter the audience flawlessly. They have earned huge position and respect at the very start of their profession and have been able to keep up their standard of their music constantly.

Capital Cities top new songs list and upcoming albums and singles in 2015-2016

The band Capital Cities brings great and sensational music for you.

The new songs of the Capital Cities concerts, wonderful abilities and superb skills that is highly amusing for the admirers. The set of two deserves a fantastic kind of accomplishment that they have inevitably experienced in their profession. The new singles of the Capital Cities are tremendously anticipated and loved by the admirers, and they stay enormously eager to know and understand it to a greater extent. The songs have been tremendously talented and to look forward to cherish it in the future coming days. It is by their songs that they have earned enormous honor and have risen to recognition outstandingly in the industry of music. Marvelous positive appraisals and great praises are received by the set of two of their extraordinary and amazing skills. We are quite sure about the truth that once you listen to the amazing numbers by the Capital Cities you will happen to fall in love with the music and be a fan for sure.

• Chasing You
• Capital Cities
• One Minute More
• Love Away
• Safe and Sound

List of Top 5 songs of Capital Cities in 2015

The top five songs of the Capital Cities band are mentioned below:

1. Chasing You: By this brilliant song the band has well recognized itself and have acquired great honor and major praise that is further than any comparison. It is from this song that it had won thousands of hearts.

2. Capital Cities: This breathtaking song the band has marvelously recognized a very strong and successful position for itself in the market. It has also made a superb impression on the hearts and minds of the listeners and the fans. This is one of the most famous songs of Capital Cities.

3. One Minute More: This is yet one more great song that will make you an admirer of the band. Nothing can stop you from cherishing this fantastic song. You will certainly cherish each and every moment of this ideal track.

4. Love Away: This is one of the top songs of Capital Cities that is extremely loving and extremely treasured by all. It is about this song that the band members have acquired wonderful chances to display their talent outstandingly.

5. Safe and Sound: This song is amazing and is just wonderful for you all. It is capable enough to flatter the listeners and to improve their thoughts about melodies and harmonies. It is by this extraordinary song that the band has been able to institute a magnificent position for itself.

The List of Top 20 Capital Cities Songs for 2015-2016

1. Safe and Sound
2. Kangaroo Court
3. One Minute More
4. Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast
5. I Sold My Bed, but Not My Stereo
6. Center Stage
7. Chartreuse
8. Love Away
9. Origami
10. Tell Me How to Live
11. Lazy Lies
12. Farrah Fawcett Hair
13. Stayin Alive
14. Chasing You
15. Stayin’ Alive
16. Chasing You (feat. Soseh)
17. Nothing Compares 2 U
18. Safe and Sound – DiscoTech Remix
19. Beginnings
20. Safe And Sound – Dzeko And Torres’ Digital

Upcoming songs and albums of Capital Cities 2015-2016

In coming time we are going to share with you the list of Upcoming songs of Capital Cities 2015-2016 for which you all are waiting.

Capital Cities future coming albums are all set to flatter the fans and listeners of the band. It also gives them a great opportunity to explore and enjoy the industry of music. It is also a superb way to showcase your greatest talents and skills, and to increase a bottomless understanding in the world of music. There are also many followers of Capital Cities are very impressed by their meaningful songs that are played by this band.