Christina Perri Top Songs List, Upcoming Albums

By | April 16, 2015

An evident example that depicts hard work and luck of a true artist always lead to success- Top songs of Christina Perri

Christina Judith Perri popularly known as Christina Perri is a well-known singer, songwriter and musician in music industry of America. She was born and brought up in August1986 in Pennsylvania, a suburb area of Philadelphia. She is multi-talented since her childhood as she used to play guitar and piano and acted in theatres also. Her brother inspires her to join rock music and Guns n Roses too.

Christina Perri top new songs list and upcoming albums and events in 2015-2016

The struggling phase that resulted into fame and worldwide popularity- Top 5 songs of Christina Perri

Perri shifted to Los Angeles when she was 21. She got married and divorced too within a short period and focus on producing music videos to earn livelihood. By 2009 she came back to hometown where she wrote `Jar of hearts’. Later on this song was featured in 2010 on the show So you think you can dance as one of her friend gave this song to a choreographer. The song proved to be a major hit with 48,000 copies sold in its very first week and make a blockbuster entry in the charts of Billboard Hot 100 to make Christina Perri a star. This is called luck or we can say destiny. After the success of this song she signed with Atlantic Records in 2010 and recorded an extended play The Ocean play sessions and this was just the beginning of many more chartbusters on the way. The major contribution of Christina Perri is given below:

• Lovestrong.
• Head or heart.
• The ocean way sessions (EP).
• The karaoke collections (EP).
• A very merry Perri Christmas (EP).
• Human (EP).

A large number of songs, promotional videos and music videos are also there.

List of Top 5 songs of Christina Perri in 2015

1. Jar of hearts: This number one song of Christina Perri is the debut song of hers. This song has very beautiful lyrics which rarely found in pop music. The song portrays a kind of sadness that left the listener speechless.

2. Human: The flawless and amazing lyrics of this song helped it to get the position of number two. This is a break-up song whose lyrics can touch anyone’s heart. Perri puts her heart and soul together while singing this song.

3. A thousand years: The number third position belongs to this song. The song is purely romantic which can steal heart of everyone. The heart-touching lyrics and melodious music of the song make the listeners to fall in love again.

4. Arms: The fourth place in Top 5 goes to arms released in 2011. One of the brightest songs of Perri with meaningful lyrics and harmonious music directed by Jay Martin.

5. The lonely: This song deserves to be on number five. It is a sad song that makes to value your loved ones even more because some day when they’ll gone, you will be all alone with their memories only.

The List of Top 20 Christina Perri Songs for 2015-2016

1. A Thousand Years
2. Human
3. Jar of Hearts
4. Arms
5. Burning Gold
6. Distance
7. The Lonely
8. Bluebird
9. Be My Forever (feat. Ed Sheeran)
10. I Dont Wanna Break
11. Trust
12. One Night
13. The Words
14. Sea of Lovers
15. A Thousand Years – feat. Steve Kazee [Part 2]
16. I Believe
17. Bang Bang Bang
18. Lonely Child
19. Butterfly
20. Run

Upcoming songs and albums of Christina Perri 2015-2016

Christina Perri is one of the amazing singers of the industry whose melodious voice managed to attract much audience across globe. To satisfy the desire of the fans of Christina Perri we decided to share with you the list of Upcoming songs of Christina Perri 2015-2016.

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