DJ Tiesto All Time Top Songs List, Upcoming Albums And Tours

By | April 12, 2015

DJ Tiesto, the famous and a successful singer, has made all his songs rocking and cherishing.

Tjis Michiel Verwest now also known as Tiesto is become famous for his DJ and music in the last few years. Tiesto is his nickname comes out from the twist of DJ Tiesto. He was born on 17th of January 1969. Now what is the present name is just a part of his childhood name. He is in the music industry for quite a lot of time, and he hails from Holland. DJ Tiesto is not only a singer, but also a brand itself. He is a successful musician and also a handsome person. The songs played by him rock the floor, and all the songs of this star will definitely impress you.

DJ Tiesto top new songs list and upcoming songs in 2015-2016

The rocking songs sung by DJ Tiesto is presented, he had struggled a lot to make this a hit and success.

DJ Tiesto had founded the Black Hole Recordings by Arny Bink in the year 1997. This is where he released In Search of Sunrise and the Magik CD series. He met Dennis Waakop Reijers the producer in the year 1998. Since then, both of them have worked hard to make all the songs success. He also collaborated to create Gouryella with Ferry Corsten in the year 1999 and 2000. The songs that are successfully hit are as follows:

• Traffic
• Urban Train
• Adagio Strings
• Hell Yeah
• Zero 76

List of top 5 songs of Dj Tiesto in 2015

DJ Tiesto’s hit and rocking top ten songs sung by him are mentioned in detail below:

1. Traffic: This should be the number one music as per the survey is on. This song rocked and has increased the fans marked with his name. This is the most excellent song released and ever sung on Tiesto’s behalf.