Frankie Ballard All Time Top Songs List, Upcoming Albums

By | April 12, 2015

The perfect country mood songs at your disposal by the best country song maker – Frankie Ballard

Frankie Ballard is an American country music songwriter, singer, and guitarist. He is born on 16th December 1982 in Battle Creek, Michigan, US. His songs are known for amongst the most liked and charted Hot Country Songs. After started his career as a professional singer, guitarist and sing-writer, he never looked back towards his struggling days. He started to gain more popularity as most liked country singers amongst many people around the United States. He is well known as one of the best country music singer along with lyricist and director. The albums he released created his unique name for his reputations. Along with the beautiful voice, the also has very charming and attractive look on which any girl can die for.

Frankie Ballard top new songs list and upcoming albums and events

Listen to the best country music by the voice of Frankie Ballard and feel the countryside of the United States

Frankie Ballard has released one album for two record companies each that are Warner Bros and Reprise Records. This singer has started his journey to fame in the year 2007. Then he signed-up with Kenny Chesney in the year 2008. He even won the competition in Michigan during the year2008. Then moving his career ladder, he signed up with the Reprise Records Nashville back in the year 2010. His debut single song was with the same record company. Between first single and second single there was a bit big gap. He released his second single back in early 2011. After two single successful songs that were liked, loved by the American people, he moved his contract to Warner Bros in the year 2013. With them, he released the third single song. Country songs lover from America as well as Canada loves to hear his songs for a long time.

 Tell me you get lonely
 A Buncha Girls
 Helluva life
 Sunshine and Whiskey
 I don’t take much

List of Top 5 Songs of Frankie Ballard in 2015

Here are top five songs that were sung by Frankie Ballard, and you never want to miss out the country music:

1. Tell me you get lonely: This song is enrolled under the most popular songs of Frankie Ballard is because it shows the true feeling of a lover that involved all the love and care.

2. A Buncha Girls: This song has gathered quite a few awards. This song was released in the year of 2011. This song comes under his debut singles album.

3. Helluva Life: based on this song, Frankie Ballard ranks the finest in the world of lyrics and music. The country music lovers have admired the singer with a great deal of true feeling of the song. Even though there are lots of other songs too, still it is observed as the finest songs of the Frankie Ballard.

4. Sunshine and Whiskey: The country music lovers as well as his fans, love this song. It is the most perfect and loving song with rich strategy and lyrics. This song holds in it a special method of winning the listener’s mind away with the perfect rhythm.

5. I don’t take much: The superiority in the song is great. The song represents the finest regards right from the start to end. The song is completely sung in guitar music in the background that attracts more numbers of listeners.

The List of Top 20 Frankie Ballard Songs for 2015-2016

1. Sunshine & Whiskey
2. ****uva Life
3. Young & Crazy
4. Don’t You Wanna Fall
5. I’m Thinking Country
6. Drinky Drink
7. Tell Me You Get Lonely
8. It Don’t Take Much
9. Sober Me Up
10. Tip Jar
11. Don’t Tell Mama I Was Drinking
12. A Buncha Girls
13. Drinky Drink – Live Acoustic
14. Sunshine & Whiskey – Live Acoustic
15. ****uva Life – Live Acoustic
16. Rescue Me
17. Get On Down the Road
18. Place To Lay Your Head
19. Single Again
20. Grandpa’s Farm

Upcoming songs and events of Frankie Ballard 2015-2016

We promise to share with you the list of upcoming songs 2015-2016 of Frankie Ballard very soon. Keep visiting this section at regular interval to get the list.

The reputation of the Frankie Ballard is enough to make the dissimilarity and express his uniqueness from the crowd. Frankie Ballard is also the one who has released his songs in the Ireland and the UK. The passionate voice and the attractive gesture of the Frankie Ballard is sufficient to attract a big crowd. Frankie Ballard’s voice is admired all over the world. After you hear Frankie Ballard songs, it will surely change your dull mood, and it will get a new glimmer in it.