Bruno Mars All Time Top Songs List that are very popular and well known all around the world

By | March 19, 2015

Top new songs sung by Bruno Mars till 2015-2016 and that are very popular and well known all around the world.

Bruno Mars is an American songwriter and a singer. His actual name is Peter Gene Hernandez. He is known for his wonderful knowledge of rhythm and the beat of harmony. He received great honor, praises and encouraging reviews for his amazing talent and skill and is also considered as a great solo artist. He has well made an exclusive and a unique position for himself, which just cannot be compared. His songs are at all times respected and cherished by his admirers that are situated in various other parts of the world. He has also ruled the chart busters for many weeks because of his charming and extraordinary voice.

Bruno Mars New Songs List 2015 2016

Bruno Mars new songs are all the time a lot cherished by his admirers and him at all times love to give them the greatest type of tune, that will take them away from their daily life for an instant The songs of the vocalist have got him great rewards and nominations and have also made him tremendously famous amongst all the music lovers and fans. The new singles by Bruno Mars are always one of the reasons why the fans enjoy the existence of the singer in the world of music. They love to listen to his charming voice again and again, and a great rhythm and tone are also one of the remarkable reasons behind his fame.

List of top 5 Songs of Bruno Mars For 2015

Here are the top five songs of Bruno Mars.

1. Locked Out of heaven: Not anything else can suit your demand of a fine song other than this track. This is just the right song for you for all your mood swings and is also a superb instance for the finest and the best piece of music that is made and created by this famous singer. He is tremendously treasured and respected for this number.



2. The Lazy Song: This is a perfect song for all lovers of music who want to experience something malleable and attractive. The lyrics of this song are just an ideal for the people for their fun and enjoyment.



3. It Will Rain: By the help of his song the vocalist has acquired and achieved required ideas and attention that has helped him to create a unique place for himself in the music industry. It was with this song that he has managed to gain an excellent position in the hearts of his admirers as well. This is one of the most famous and well-liked songs of Bruno Mars.



4. Just the Way You Are: With this song, Bruno has set himself as different and a loving vocalist in the world of music. His wonderful voice and great skills have all the time helped his fans to get a motive to enjoy his songs and be grateful for it widely.



5. Grenade: This is a stunning song of the vocalist that has helped him to rise further on in his career and to stand out well as a star in the industry of music. The song is prepared with the required feelings and emotions that flatters the audience and enchants their attention. This is also one of the most excellent songs of Bruno Mars.



The List of Top 20 Bruno Mars Songs for all time till 2015-2016

1. Locked Out of Heaven
2. Treasure
3. When I Was Your Man
4. Just the Way You Are
5. The Lazy Song
6. Grenade
7. Marry You
8. Gorilla
9. Young Girls
10. It Will Rain
11. Count on Me
12. Talking to the Moon
13. Runaway Baby
14. Moonshine
15. Natalie
16. If I Knew
17. Grenade – Acoustic
18. Show Me
19. Money Make Her Smile
20. Our First Time

Upcoming songs and albums of Bruno Mars 2015

Very shortly we are going to share with you the list of Upcoming new songs of Bruno Mars 2015 which you are looking forward for.

“Uptown Funk” is a magical song by “Mark Ronson” and “Bruno Mars” for their latest album “Uptown Special”(2015).

There are many upcoming songs and albums that are going to launch by Bruno Mars to set and make the fans flatter on its melodies. He helps to give them a cause to hit the dance floor and show off their most excellent skills. He has also become a role model for many people in the world. We will insist you to stay with us and keep visiting this website for more information about Bruno Mars.