Cate Blanchett All Time Top Movies, Upcoming 2015-2016 : an actress of screen and stage

By | March 20, 2015

Cate Blanchett All Time Top Movies, Upcoming 2015-2016. Catherine Blanchet, famous as Cate was born in 14th May 1969 in Australia. She started her career as a stage actress in Australia. People always love her films especially for her amazing performances. She got people’s attention by portraying the character of Elizabeth 1 of England. The movie “Elizabeth” was directed by Shekhar Kapur in 1998. She bagged several respectful awards for this role as she won the best actress award in British Academy Award, She also got Golden Globe award and was nominated in the category for best actress in Academy Award for Best Actress. With so many awards and great appreciation Cate Blanchett has managed to make her position among the A list Hollywood actresses.

Cate Blanchett top new movies list and upcoming movies in 2015-2016

Career beginning and achievements of Cate Blanchett:

She started her career with stage show where she was paired with Geoffray Rush in David Mamet’s play Oleana. It was her first performance and she received the award for best newcomer. She appeared in the Heartland, the TV series in 1994. The 50 minutes Tele drama Police Rescue proved that she is a great actress. She has performed in several Australian movies and also bagged many awards, critical acclamation for her acting skill. However, her international fame comes with the movie Elizabeth. She won two Academy award, three Golden Globe Awards, three Screen actors Guild Awards and three Bafta awards.

The top five movies of Cate Blanchett that received huge critical acclamation:

Our experts have managed to point out the top five films of her career. Check it out:

1. Blue Jasmine: The movie Blue Jasmine has taken her to the top of her career. Her character in the movie is just the best role among the many other characters in the epic and she definitely managed to grab the centre of attention. This Woody Allen film portrays the astonishing acting skill of Cate Blanchett. Blue Jasmine is a beautiful store that explore the life of Jeanette “Jasmine” Francis who is a Manhattan Socialite and trying hard to settle in San Francisco. She received Oscar for the leading actress in this movie in 2014.

2. The curious case of Benjamin: The curious Case of Benjamin Button is a different film of different genre. There is love, romance, facts, and fiction in the film. It is a film of a man who is continuously going backward in his life. You do not have to witness any Christopher Nolan scientific theory in the movie but you can witness this magical change of a boy into a man and the again a man into a boy in this movie. Brad Pitt played the role of the Benjamin, a strange guy who was born shrivelled and gradually become a baby at the end of the movie. Blanchett played his only love interest in the movie who met Benjamin at a young age and fell in love with her.

3. Elizabeth: Elizabeth was one of her finest performances till now. It was her breakout role that helps to portray the real character of Queen Elizabeth 1 of England. This film was released in 1998 and got huge appreciation. Especially critic loved Blanchett’s acting as the Queen. The Movie explored the tumultuous years of Elizabeth’s reign. In that time England faced economic troubles, uprising wars from each side of the country. Blanchett gave justice to her role as she acted very spontaneous.

4. The lord of the rings: Blanchett played an important role in the Lord of The Ring Trilogy. She was not so popular when she was casted for this role. But she didn’t give a chance to the critics to make any negative comment on her acting. She worked really hard as the elf queen Galadriel in this movie. She appeared in all these three films and makes her strong impression in her audience.

5. The aviator: This film is an adaptation of the life of Business tycoon Howard Hughes. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Howard in the film. But it was Blanchett who received huge appreciation for portraying the character of Katharine Hepburn. She also received Oscar award for best actress in supporting role.

List of top 20 films of Cate Blanchett

1. The Gift
2. The Man Who Cried
3. The Shipping News
4. Charlotte Gray
5. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
6. Bandits
7. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
8. Heaven
9. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
10. The Missing
11. Coffee and Cigarettes
12. Veronica Guerin
13. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
14. The Aviator
15. Little Fish
16. Babel
17. The Good German
18. Notes on a Scandal
19. Hot Fuzz
20. Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Upcoming movies in 2015 2016 of Cate Blanchett

One of the most sensational star of Hollywood industry is Cate Blanchett and she is having a huge fan base which clearly justifies the fact that how popular she is in the industry. Check out the list of Upcoming movies of Cate Blanchett

• Knight of Cups
• Cinderella
• Carol
• Manifesto
• Truth

All the above movies are scheduled for 2015 release. All fans of Cate Blanchett are wishing huge success for her in 2015 and year 2016, Stay Tuned for more information.