Christoph Waltz All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies List : The quiet, unassuming person offering powerful performances

By | March 20, 2015

Christoph Waltz All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies List 2015 2016: The quiet, unassuming person offering powerful performances. On October 4, 1956, a German, Austrian couple was blessed with a son. They named the boy Christoph Waltz. Unknown to him at that time, his grandmother on his mother’s side was an actress in Vienna and his mother’s step dad was an actor. He spent his childhood in Vienna taking in the theater scene during his formative years. Christoph also attended the famous drama school named after Max Reinhardt. He moved to the Lee Strasberg Institute before coming back to Vienna and then moving to London.

In the 1980’s, he took part in many plays held in London and Germany. During this time, he also took on part roles in television. However, he struggled to get roles in Hollywood as well as English Television.

Christoph Waltz all time top movies list with upcoming new movies in 2015-2016

A chance encounter that changed his fortune

In fact, he failed to make any impression on this sector. Yet, he continued to work in whatever roles came his way for close to three decades. Director Quentin Tarantino is the one who has the credit of helping to build up Christoph’s movie career in Hollywood. He finally got a chance to break away from the German Film industry. In fact, he was so successful in Hollywood that he has won close to twenty-seven film related awards in his lifetime.

Let us look at Christoph Waltz top five movies:

1. Inglorious Bastards- This 2009 release is considered as the movie that made him famous. His portrayal as the dark and conniving Hans Landa made audiences sit up and take notice. The way he brought the character to life and his unflinching portrayal of pure evil showed the world that he was an actor to be reckoned with.

2. Django Unchained- In 2012, he played the character of Dr King Schultz in this hugely popular and thought provoking movie. A movie, which exposed the dark side of slavery, his character’s interaction with Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DI Caprio, was brilliant. No one forgot the role played by him even though he shared most of the screen space with Jamie Foxx. It made no difference that this was the complete opposite of the role played in his first movie.

3. Zero Theorem- Continuing with his knack of playing diverse characters Christoph Waltz played the character of a hacker/programmer trying to understand the meaning of life. The earnest way, through which he portrayed the role of a person struggling to come to terms with reality, displayed his entire range of acting skills. Moments in the film, where he learns that his company is spying on him or the moment when he smashes up the supercomputer is works of pure brilliance.

4. Water For Elephants- In 2011, he played the character of an unstable circus owner. He simultaneously essayed the role of a jealous husband who sees a new trainer falling in love with his wife. This dark, understated role added to the intensity of the film and never disrupted the narrative in any manner. The character was well written considering the fact that it is played in a flashback of a ninety-year-old man.

5. Carnage- Also made in 2011, this movie shows how a fight between two schoolboys turns into an ego battle between their parents. Christoph Waltz plays the workaholic husband/father more interested in taking calls than resolving the situation. The sincerity with which he played the character was seen to be a true to life portrayal. The well-written script takes the viewer from a civilized discussion to an all out battle between the parents while becoming a gender battle also.

List of top 20 films of Christoph Waltz

1. Fire and Sword
2. The Mysterious Stranger
3. Dr. Margarete Johnsohn
4. Wahnfried
5. The Alien Years
6. Quicker Than the Eye (de)
7. Goldeneye
8. Die Angst wird bleiben
9. Jacob
10. Ein Anfang von etwas
11. Catherine the Great
12. Der Tourist
13. Du bist nicht allein – Die Roy Black Story
14. Our God’s Brother
15. Vickys Alptraum
16. Schock – Eine Frau in Angst
17. The Final Game
18. Love Scenes from Planet Earth
19. Death, Deceit and Destiny Aboard the Orient Express
20. Ordinary Decent Criminal

Upcoming movies of Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz has made himself a place in the bright lights of Hollywood. His acting skills have garnered him a global fan base. Movie lovers are looking forward with earnest anticipation to his new releases. Check out the list of Upcoming movies of Christoph Waltz

• Tulip Fever- Post Production- 2015

• Spectre- Filming-2015

• Tarzan – Post Production- 2016

Keep visiting this section to stay updated about all information regarding this Hollywood Star Christoph Waltz new and upcoming movies for 2015 2016.