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By | March 20, 2015

Daniel Day-Lewis All Time Top Movies, Upcoming New Movies 2015 and 2016. Daniel Day-Lewis, the famous English actor was born on 29th April, 1957. He born and brought up in London and from the very early stage he started to participate in stage shows at the National Youth Theatre. He took acting classes or training from British Old Vic School so, he is actually a trained actor. But he always considered as the method actor. Daniel is a very devoted actor who research on each of his role before portraying it. He has got several big awards for his acting talent. He managed to get three Academy Awards, two Golden Globe awards, four Bafta Awards for best actor. And he is the three times Oscar Award winner actor.

Daniel Day-Lewis all time top movies list till 2015

Daniel Day-Lewis achievements in his acting career:

He started his acting career in the late 80s by acting in theatre and television shows. He was a very important part of the television show Frost in May. He also acted in How Many Miles to Babylon? And in this series he proved his amazing and spontaneous acting skill. After that he has done several films of different genre where he managed to make his own distinct personality. His films got huge appreciation from the critic as well as from the audience. His spontaneous nature, mature acting and superb talent make him one of the finest actors of Hollywood.

Top five movies of Daniel Day-Lewis that you must watch:

He acted in N numbers of movies and each of them is really great to watch. However, our experts have find out the best 5 movies of his life which you should not miss:

1. LINCOLN – Daniel Day-Lewis performed as Abraham Lincoln in the movie Lincoln and mesmerized everyone with his great performance. His performance was really intriguing for several reasons. A non American person played the role of a most popular US president in a perfect way. He stunned everyone with his amazing acting skill. His actual performance in the movie is very different than what he has done before. With great critical acclamations he also got Oscar Award for his performance.

2. MY LEFT FOOT –Daniel Day-Lewis has proved his acting skill through his several performances and My Little Foot is one of them. He managed to bag his first Oscar for this movie by portraying Irish painter or the poet Christy Brown. In order to give justice to the character of cerebral palsy suffering poet he maintained a strict formula. He actually remained in the character after the shoot as well.

3. THE CRUCIBLE – This film is based on Arthur Miller’s play which got great critical acclamation. It is basically an underrated courtroom drama and Day-Lewis, Joan Allen and Winona Ryder was part of this movie. Day Lewis played the role of a farmer who is honest but had an extramarital affair. The movie explores the different layers of that time. Daniel also won awards for this movie and people really liked his performance in this movie.

4. GANGS OF NEW YORK – Daniel Day-Lewis has always managed to be in the A list Hollywood actors only because of his amazing acting capability. “Gangs of New York” was his second project with Martin Scorsese and again he delivered an impressive acting through his character. He played the character of Bill the Butcher, a racist and obsessed with cutting knives. The movie is definitely a must watch film only to witness his performance.

5. THERE WILL BE BLOOD – Playing the role of an oilman Day Lewis has managed to offer his best animated and spontaneous performance in this movie. His role as a misanthropic, monstrous and angry guy managed to bring huge appreciation from his audience as well as critics.

List of top 20 films of Daniel Day-Lewis

1. Gandhi
2. The Bounty
3. My Beautiful Laundrette
4. A Room with a View
5. My Brother Jonathan
6. Nanou
7. The Insurance Man
8. The Unbearable Lightness of Being
9. Stars and Bars
10. Eversmile, New Jersey
11. My Left Foot
12. The Last of the Mohicans
13. The Age of Innocence
14. In the Name of the Father
15. The Crucible
16. The Boxer
17. Gangs of New York
18. The Ballad of Jack and Rose
19. There Will Be Blood
20. Nine
21. Lincoln

List of Upcoming films 2015 2016 of Daniel Day-Lewis

The last movie which was released of Daniel Day-Lewis is Lincoln in year 2012. So far there is no more news about any Upcoming films of Daniel Day-Lewis.

We just hope that in coming time he will sign some good project to entertain his fans and audience. Keep visiting us for more information about Daniel Day-Lewis upcoming new movies 2015 2016.