Jeff Bridges All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies List : Suave, classy, and extremely desirable- Jeff Bridges is a luminary in his own right

By | March 20, 2015

Jeff Bridges All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies List 2015 2016 : Suave, classy, and extremely desirable- Jeff Bridges is a luminary in his own right. Television Star Lloyd Bridges and his wife Dorothy welcomed their second son on 4 December 1949. Named as Jeffery Bridges, the entire family was part of the Hollywood fraternity. He and his brother also acted along with their mother in a movie in the year 1951. They were also part of the famous television program Sea Hunt in the year 1958. When he was fourteen years of age, he even toured with his father.

Jeff Bridges all time top movies list and upcoming movies in 2015-2016

The journey of a star- Jeff Bridges

It was during his teenager years, that he started experimenting with drugs. It soon spiraled out of control and his parents had to intervene to get him back on track. His recovery process was gradual and he soon started becoming a known face on television. In the 1969 movie, Silent Night, Lonely Night, he played a younger version of his father Lloyd.

Let us look at  Jeff Bridges top five movies across the years.

1. The Big Lebowski : The role that he is still remembered for is The Big Lebowski from the year 1998. He plays the roles of Jeff Lebowski. This character has a potbelly, does drugs, and has a ponytail. He spends most of the time bowling. However, Jeff is known for the way his character reacts when people think of him as a gangster by the similar name.

2. Crazy Heart : Number 2 is Crazy Heart from 2009. Here he plays the role of Bad Blake. He brings reality to the character of a singer. From the way he dresses, to the scruffy facial hair and the impact of smoking and drinking, everything seems life like. Yet, he manages to churn out music that is soulful and from a special place on a daily basis. This was a role, which defined his career.

3. The Fabulous Baker Boys : Number 3 is The Fabulous Baker Boys from the year 1989. Jeff plays the part of Jack Baker in the movie along with Beau Bridges. While Jeff’s character is a womanizer, Beau’s character is a married man. Add the combination of Michelle Pfeiffer and you have a sparkling chemistry. Michelle plays the role of a former escort who is now a singer. Jeff steals the show with every scene that he is in.

4. Fearless : In at number four is the movie Fearless. This was made in the year 1993. Jeff and Rosie Perez play the role of survivors. The jet they were travelling in had crashed and they have to help each other get through it. The movie plot is filled with a number of emotional scenes and understated humor. What makes is this brilliant is how Jeff accesses places in his mind to make his character look life like at all times. The viewers are shocked by the combination of the terror and beauty in this movie

5. Starman : At number, five is the 1984 movie by the name Starman. Jeff plays an interesting role in this movie. He is an alien who shape shifts into the likeliness of a dead person. The movie shows his relationship with the wife of the dead man. There are equal doses of comedy and heartwarming scenes in the movie. One scene that stands out until today is how his character has to learn about sex from watching a movie starring Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster.

List of the top 20 films of Jeff Bridges

1. Fat City
2. Bad Company
3. Lolly-Madonna XXX
4. The Last American Hero
5. The Iceman Cometh
6. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
7. Rancho Deluxe
8. Hearts of the West
9. Stay Hungry
10. King Kong
11. Somebody Killed Her Husband
12. Winter Kills
13. The American Success Company
14. Heaven’s Gate
15. Cutter’s Way
16. Tron
17. Kiss Me Goodbye
18. The Last Unicorn
19. Against All Odds
20. Starman

Upcoming movies of Jeff Bridges in 2015 -2016

Jeff Bridges has been married to his wife Susan Geston from the past three decades. They have three daughters. His hobbies include indulging in photography, cartoons, and pop music. While above are his top five movies, he has made a habit of starring in some memorable roles throughout his career. Check out the list of Upcoming movies of Jeff Bridges

• Seventh Son – 2015

• The little Prince- 2015

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