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By | April 9, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous and well-known actor all over the globe. His birthdate is the 11th of November 1974. He wears the hats of both an actor and producer in the film fraternity.Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for 10 Golden Globe Awards, winning two, in addition to five Academy Awards. He is the only kid of Irmelin (Indenbirken) and past comic book performer George Paul DiCaprio. He has won the 2010 ‘Do Something’ Award for his Haiti release efforts as well as the TV show “Greensburg”.

Leonardo DiCaprio top new movies list and upcoming movies 2015-2016 trailers and reviews

Career beginning and achievements of Leonardo DiCaprio:

DiCaprio’s career started with his appearance in more than a few commercials as well as educational films. DiCaprio started attracting the consideration of producers, who gave him a role in a number of TV series, but it was in the year 1991 that he made his movie debut in the year 1991, the film was a low-budget horror movie. It did little to help display DiCaprio’s acting capabilities, it did help him build up his show-reel, and draw the attention of the people at the back of the hit sitcom Growing Pains in the year 1985, in which he was cast in the “Cousin Oliver” character of a youthful homeless boy who locates in with the Seavers. Some of the films that he acted are:

We know you are here to become familiar with the top five movies of Leonardo DiCaprio. Our expert team has done a detailed search and has made a list of top five movies with his best performance.

Top 5 Movies of Leonardo DiCaprio

1. Catch Me If You Can: Leonardo has long been connected with the best theatrical actors of his time; however, he lightens up on instance. In this, feathery but humorous tale regarding a teenager who by chance turns out to be an impostor instigator, Leonardo brings the ideal blend of movie celeb mugging as well as character actor intricacies to the main lead. He might have the simple to observe Tom Cruise smile, however behind it is a lost and mystified child.

2. The Departed: When Leonardo received his 3rd Oscar nomination for his role in the Edward Zwick movie “Blood Diamond. Funnily adequate, that turn was courteousness of Leonardo himself, in Martin Scorsese’s crime movie “The Departed.” As an secretly cop rooted in the most evil moors of the Boston offense scene, Leonardo shows the action mouth of a youthful Clint Eastwood, however coupled with gripping emotional weakness.

3. Revolutionary Road: This version of the milestone Richard Yates novel was extremely hyped. Leonardo was reteaming with “Titanic” heroine Kate Winslet, and the movie, regarding an miserable married pair in the outer edge, was directed by Sam Mendes (famously known as the “American Beauty,” director) a classic regarding an discontented married pair in the outer edge of the country. Eventually “Road” failed to meet up the audience expectations however, Leonardo exceeded his. Prior to the premiere, many considered whether or not Leonardo had been given a role, which is not suitable for him. However, after watching his explosive, heart wrenching, and tragic acting, Leonardo silenced those critics.

4. Titanic: This movie transformed the young Leonardo into the biggest celeb of the world. It was his role as a professed character in Baz Luhrmann’s contemporary update of a Shakespeare model that assisted him grabs that role. Loads of film mass did not know who was Leonardo at the time, still they could not overlook his bright and touching role as the young suffering Montague.

5. Shutter Island: Reviewer was not so good to the Leonardo-Scorsese teamwork that followed their Oscar winning movie “The Departed.” Most of the liability of the Shutter Island was leveled at a complicated script and an expected and slow-moving ending. Just about, no one mistake Leonardo. How could they? As a federal representative looking out for a missing woman at a far-off mental organization, he burns with trouble, and makes the mystery he’s solving far more connecting than what was expected.

List of top 20 films of Leonardo DiCaprio

1. Critters 3
2. Poison Ivy
3. This Boy’s Life
4. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
5. One Hundred and One Nights
6. The Quick and the Dead
7. The Basketball Diaries
8. Total Eclipse
9. Romeo + Juliet
10. Marvin’s Room
11. Titanic
12. The Man in the Iron Mask
13. Celebrity
14. The Beach
15. Don’s Plum
16. Catch Me If You Can
17. Gangs of New York
18. The Aviator
19. The Assassination of Richard Nixon
20. The Departed

Upcoming movies of Leonardo DiCaprio in 2015-2016

Leonardo is one such star of Hollywood who is having fans of all age groups. His romantic look made him heartthrob for many . We are sharing the list of Upcoming movies of Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio.

• The Revenant- To be released in 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio is well aware of the techniques which can attract audiences from part of the globe. To know more of Leonardo DiCaprio and the latest happenings in his life visit this website at regular interval.