Russell Crowe All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies 2015-2016 : Success story of a multitalented actor and his journey as an actor

By | March 23, 2015

Russell Crowe All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies 2015-2016, Russell Crowe is a New Zealand actor, musician, and film producer who was born in April 7, 1964. He became popular by his movie Gladiator that was released in 2000 where played the role of a Roman General Maximus Decimus Meridius. He also won several awards like Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Actor, London Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor, Empire Award for Best Actor and Academy Award for Best Actor.

Russell Crowe all time top movies list and upcoming movies in 2015-2016

Achievements and struggles in the life of Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe was born and raised up in Wellington, New Zealand as his parents were film set caterers; he also started taking interest in possessing his carrier in film industry. His maternal grandfather was a cinematographer this provided him best background support to look for an opportunity in film industry. When he was four years old, his parents shifted to Sydney, Australia where a TV serial Spyforce, for a line of dialogue, hired him. Moreover, after few years, he was again shifted to New Zealand where he attended Auckland Grammar School and after attaining 16, he started his journey towards his dream profession of actor.

Here are Top 5 Movies of Russell Crowe: These are the must watch movies for everyone

Our team of expert has created a list of top 5 movies of Russell Crowe after reviewing every aspect. Here is the list of his best films.

Top 5 Movies of Russell Crowe

1. Gladiator: It is one of the top ranked movies by Russell Crowe. In this movie, he played a role of a gladiator and took revenge from an emperor’s corrupt son who betrayed his family. Ridley Scott directed this movie in 2000. This movie reflects the blaze and dazzling beauty of ancient Rome.

2. L.A. Confidential: It is ranked second by our experts where Russell Crowe investigated series of murderers and tries to maintain law and order in LA. This story is based on the growing corruption in the city and is a fight against corruption. It was directed by Curtis Hanson and is one of the most favorite movies of Russell Crowe’s fans.

3. Cinderella Man: This movie was directed by Ron Howard and is one of the success stories of a boxer. Moreover, it is truly inspiring and impressive movie and holds the breath of its viewers until its end. Role played by Russell Crowe was excellent, was a motivational factor, and shows how to fight back in life.

4. 3:10 to Yuma: This is one of the best movies of Russell Crowe. Its story is concerned by the sale of a land. Each aspect of the film is great and it shows great performance by Russell Crowe however, it was overlooked. Moreover, this movie was filled with great dialogues and was an engaging movie for its viewers. This was one of the achievements for its director. James Mangold directs it.

5. Les Miserable: This is a romantic movie where Russell Crowe strived to protect the rights of slaves. This movies earned heavy audience in theatres. It provides the real picture of slaves and their sufferings. This story is based on battle where Russell Crowe fought against his own cabinet.

List of top 20 films of Russell Crowe till 2016

1. Prisoners of the Sun
2. The Crossing
3. Proof
4. Spotswood
5. Romper Stomper
6. Hammers Over the Anvil
7. The Silver Brumby
8. For the Moment
9. Love in Limbo
10. The Sum of Us
11. The Quick and the Dead
12. No Way Back
13. Virtuosity
14. Rough Magic
15. L.A. Confidential
16. Heaven’s Burning
17. Breaking Up
18. Mystery, Alaska
19. The Insider
20. Gladiator

Upcoming movies of Russell Crowe in 2015 2016

Being a true fan of this star we are sure that fans are looking forward to get the list of Upcoming movies of Russell Crowe which will hit the Floor of theaters in coming time. We prepared a list and we are sharing the same with the fans.

• The Water Diviner- Post Production-2015
• Fathers and Daughters- Post Production- 2015
• The Nice Guys- Filming -2016

We need to wait and watch as how these upcoming 2015-2016films perform in the box office after its release. We expect the best results for the same.