Ryan Gosling All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies 2015-2016 : On who has been an outstanding performer throughout his career

By | March 23, 2015

Ryan Gosling All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies 2015-2016 ,Ryan Thomas Gosling is a famous Canadian actor. He is also a musician, screenwriter, movie director, and businessperson. He initiated his career as a child actor in the Mickey Mouse Club of Disney Channel’s. He then continually appeared in the entertainment program like Goosebumps and Are You Afraid of the Dark. Gosling came into spotlight after his lead role in Romatic Drama The Notebook. He won an MTV Movie Award and Teen Choice Awards for his role in The Notebook.

Ryan Gosling all time top movies list and upcoming movies 2015-2016 with trailers

Struggling life of a Canadian actor-Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling was born on12th November in London, Ontario. He is the son of Thomas Ray Gosling and Donna. His father was a travelling salesman and his mother was a secretary. Gosling was educated at Cornwall Collegiate and Vocational School, Gladstone Public School, and Lester B. Pearson High School. He didn’t have any friends until the age of 14. Gosling began to modeling for Marlon Brando. At the age of seventeen, he dropped out of high school to pursue his acting career. Gosling has worked with PETA to encourage McDonalds and KFC to use improved technique for chicken slaughter. From year 20202 to 2003 he was dating actress Sandra Bullock. He is currently dating Eva Mendes, who was his co-star in The Place Beyond the Pines.

He has worked in many successful movies and showcase his acting talent. Below is the list of his most amazing movies.

Top 5 Movies of Ryan Gosling:

1. The United States of Leland: It is an American Drama movie that was directed by Matthew Ryan Hoge. The story is about a teenage boy who is eponymous Leland. The cast of the movie is Don Cheadle, Ryan Gosling, Chris Klein, Lena Olin, Michelle Williams and Kevin Spacey. The movie was released on 18 Jnauray, 2003. The duration of the movie is 104 minutes.

2. Lars and the Real Girl: It is an Amerciacn Canadian comedy drama movie. The story writer of the movie is Nancy Oliver whereas the director is Craig Gillespie. The story is about a young man who develops a romantic relationship with a RealDoll that was named Bianca. The town where the boys live accepts the Bianca doll for the sake of Lars’s.

3. Crazy, Stupid, Love: The movie was released on 29 July 2011. The director of the film is John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. Dan Fogelman is the writer of the film. Its star cast is Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Steve Carell, John Carroll Lynch, Kevin Bacon, Analeigh Tipton and Emma Stone.

4. The Place beyond the Pines: It is an American Crime drama movie. It was released on 29 March 2013. The duration of the movie is 141 minutes. It grossed around $35.5 million at Box office. It stars Ray Liotta, Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Bradley Cooper. Producers are Sidney Kimmel, Lynette Howell, and Jamie Patricof. It received positive response from critics.

5. Only God Forgives: It is a Danish, French thriller movie. It was directed as well as written by Nicolas Winding Refn. Its cast includes Tom Burke, Ryan Gosling, Vithaya Pansringarm, Gordon Brown, Kristin Scott Thomas and Ratha Phongam. The set was located in Bangkok, which is in Thailand. The movie was released on 22 May 2013 in Cannes, May 30 in Denmark and 19 July 2013 in United States. It grossed around $10.3 million at the box office. It has won the Grand Prize at the Sydney Festival. It receives positive response from critics.

List of Top movies of Ryan Gosling

1. Remember the Titans
2. The Believer
3. Murder by Numbers
4. The Slaughter Rule
5. The United States of Leland
6. The Notebook
7. Stay
8. Half Nelson
9. Fracture
10. Lars and the Real Girl
11. Blue Valentine
12. All Good Things
13. Crazy, Stupid, Love
14. Drive
15. The Ides of March
16. Gangster Squad
17. The Place Beyond the Pines
18. Only God Forgives

Upcoming movies of Ryan Gosling in 2015-2016

Ryan Gosling has gone through a lot of struggle to achieve his dream of big actor. Audiences have praised wall of his film, which brought him the list of highest paid actors. Here is the list of Upcoming movies of Ryan Gosling

• The Nice Guys – 2016

We are sure that in coming time he will sign some more films which can entertain his fans completely. All we can do is now to wait and watch how his upcoming films will perform in the Box office.