Ryan Reynolds All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies 2015-2016 : The Handsome and Dashing actor of Hollywood

By | March 23, 2015

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor. He was born on 23 October 1976 in British Columbia, Canada. Reynolds is well known for his role in Two Guys and a Girl, Hillside, Blade: Trinity and X Men Origins: Wolverine. He starred in the films like National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Just Friends, and Serving in Science: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story, The Change-Up, Adventureland, Safe House, and Smokin Aces.

Ryan Reynolds all time top movies list and upcoming movies in 2015-2016 with reviews and trailers

He also essayed the role of superhero Hal Jordan in Green Lantern and had cameos in Ted and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. He gave voice to a character in an animated film Turbo.

The Career and the life before films of the actor Ryan Reynolds

Ryan’s father was a food wholesaler and mother was a retail salesperson. His career began with teen soap Hillside in which he played the role of Billy. He also acted in the TV movie Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Later he starred in the movie Van Wilder and American television series a Pizza Place and Two Guys, A Girl.

He primarily performed in comedies, but he underwent intense physical training for an action role in the film Blade: Trinity he essayed the role of Hannibal King. He was part of a remake of the horror film The Amityville Horror and played the role of FBI agent in the film Smokin Aces. Reynolds essayed the role of Dead pool in the XMen and Wade Wilson in X Men Origins: Wolverine. Reynolds essayed the character Nick Walker in the film Dark Horse Comics of the Universal Pictures in 2013. Reynolds married Scarlett Johansson and later on July 2011, they divorced. Reynolds later married Blake Lively in South Carolina and in 2014; they announced that they are expecting their first child.

The top 5 movies of Ryan Reynolds one must surely watch are:

1. Buried: It is a thriller film. Ryan portrays the role of Paul Conroy. The film is the story of a truck driver in Iraq who, after an attack by the group of Iraqis was buried alive in a coffin. It is a race against time to escape this claustrophobic death trap. All he has with him is a lighter and a cell phone. The film received positive reviews from the critics.

2. Just Friends: It is a romantic comedy Christmas film. Reynolds portrays the role of Obese Chris Brander. While he visits his hometown during Christmas, he comes face to face with his old high school crush who was also his best friend, a woman whose rejection turns him into a ferocious womanizer. The film received mixed reviews from the critics.

3. The Proposal: It is a romantic comedy film. The film was the highest grossing romantic comedy of the year 2009. Ryan portrayed the role of Andrew Paxton. Margaret is the boss of Andrew, who forces him to marry him in order to keep her Visa status in the US to avoid deportation to Canada. The movie was the highest grossing film of the day and received mixed reviews from the critics.

4. The Amityville: It is a horror film adapted by the novel of the same name. Ryan essays the role of George in the film. The family is terrorized by demonic forces after moving into a home that was the site of a grisly mass murder.

5. X Men Origins: Wolverine: It is a superhero film based on the Comic Marvel’s fictional Character Wolverine. Ryan essays the role of Wade Wilson in the film. The film has some of the great visual effects for the sequence of wolverine. The video game based on the movie was developed with the same name.

List of top 20 films of Ryan Reynolds

1. Ordinary Magic
2. Coming Soon
3. Dick
4. Big Monster on Campus
5. We All Fall Down
6. Finder’s Fee
7. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder
8. Foolproof
9. The Amityville Horror
10. Waiting…
11. Just Friends
12. Smokin’ Aces
13. The Nines
14. Chaos Theory
15. Definitely, Maybe
16. Fireflies in the Garden
17. Adventureland
18. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
19. The Proposal
20. Paper Man

Upcoming movies of Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds entertained with various genres and great performance in his films. He will continue to do the in the upcoming years in near future. Here is the list of Upcoming movies of Ryan Reynolds.

• Selfless – Post Production – 2015
• Mississippi Grind – Post Production – 2015
• The Woman in Gold – Post Production – 2015
• Criminal- Filming – 2015

We all are eager to know as how the above films will perform on the silver screen. We all need to wait and watch for the same.