Sandra Bullock All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies 2015-2016 : One of the finest actors of Film industry- Sandra Bullock

By | April 7, 2015

Sandra Bullock All Time Top Movies, Upcoming Movies 2015-2016 : Sandra Annette Bullock is a well-known actress and film producer. She is among the top rated and highest rewarded actresses in Hollywood. She is the receiver of one Golden Globe Award and one Academy Award. In 1987 bullock played a minor role thriller Hangmen. The actor made her television debut in the television movie called Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. She has her own production company which is named as Fortis Films. Her performance in the movie While You Were Sleeping earned her first nomination for best actress Golden Globe Awards. She also voiced Miriam in an animated biblical movie, The Prince of Egypt.

Sandra Bullock top new movies list and upcoming movies 2015-2016

Sandra Bullock was born in Arlington, Virginia, which is a suburb of Washington, D.C.; she is a daughter of the United States Army employee and coach Helga Meyer. She grew up speaking German as was raised in Nuremberg for Twelve years. She has studied vocal arts and ballet as a child. The scar which is visible in her left eye was caused when she fell into a creek in her childhood. She was cheerleader in Washington-Lee High School. At the start of her career, she has worked in multiple theatre production.

Sandra Bullock has done many movies. Our team has made a list of the top movies of Bullock that are best among all her movies.

Top 5 Movies of Sandra Bullock:

1. The Thing Called Love: It is an American comedy drama movie, which was released in 1993. Director of the movie is Peter Bogdanovich. Cast starring in the movie is Dermot Mulroney, River Phoenix, Samantha Mathis and Sandra bullock. Sandra Bullock has played a role of spunky Linda Lue Linden. The story of the movie revolves around four friends. Duration of the movie is 116 minutes.

2. Speed 2: Cruise Control: It is second on our list. The movie is a sequel of Speed (1994). It is an American action thriller Film. Director and producer of the movie is Jan de Bont whereas story writer is Jeff Nathanson and Randall McCormick. On June 13, 1997, 20th Century Fox released the film. It earned around 164 million worldwide.

3. While You Were Sleeping: It is a romantic comedy film. Director of the movie is Jon Turteltaub whereas story writer is Frederic Lebow and Daniel G. Sullivan. Sandra Bullock played the role of Lucy. She is a Chicago Transit Authority token. Duration of the movie is 103 minutes. The movie was a tremendous success its total earning is $182,057,016 worldwide.

4. The Proposal: It is the highest earning romantic comedy movies of 2009. Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate who is a Canadian woman gets into problem because of her expired visa. She convinces her assistant Andrew Paxton to be his fake fiancé. The story is about how they fell in love during a fake relationship and they were unknown about their feelings. The movie was released in 2009. Its set was in Sitka, which is in Alaska. Director of the movie is Anne Fletcher. Storywriter is Peter Chiarelli.

5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: Last but not the least, the role of blacks in the movie was appreciated. It is an American drama film. The story of the movie was an adaptation of the novel named Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. The film was released in 2011 in the United States, whereas widely released on 20 January 2012. Duration of the movie is 129 minutes.

List of top 20 films of Sandra Bullock

1. Hangmen
2. A Fool and His Money
3. Who Shot Patakango?
4. Who Do I Gotta Kill?
5. Love Potion No. 9
6. The Vanishing
7. When the Party’s Over
8. The Thing Called Love
9. Demolition Man
10. Fire on the Amazon
11. Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
12. Speed
13. While You Were Sleeping
14. The Net
15. Two If by Sea
16. A Time to Kill
17. In Love and War
18. Speed 2: Cruise Control
19. Hope Floats
20. Making Sandwiches

Upcoming movies of Sandra Bullock in 2015-2016

We hope that we get to see more movies of Sandra bullock in the future. The fans will be waiting to get the list of Upcoming movies of Sandra Bullock.

• Minions- 2015
• Our Brand Is Crisis-2016

For getting a top movie list of actors, stay tuned with us. In coming time we are going to share with you the latest news about Sandra Bullock.