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By | March 23, 2015

Steven John Carell who is popularly known as Steve is a great American actor. He was born in 16th August, 1962. Carell got huge appreciation and fame for his role Michael Scott in the American version “The Office”. People as well as critics really liked his acting skill in this comedy series. He acted in numerous super hit American movies. He has managed to bag several awards for his amazing acting skill. Steve received Golden Globe Award for the television comedy series. He won this award for the best actor category. He was also nominated in the Life magazine as the funniest American. His dramatic role in “Foxcatcher” helped him to get a nomination for the Academy Award best actor.

Steve Carell all time top movies list and upcoming movies 2015-2016 with reviews and trailers

Career beginning and Achievements of Steve Carell:

Steve Carell was a part of Burpee’s Steedy Theatrical Company. It was a student-organized comedy group. He started his career as a stage actor. He was also performed in TV commercials. Later he got big opportunity to make his film debut after his amazing work in The Office. He is popular as an actor, director, comedian, producer as well as writer. He started his acting career with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. People love his acting as a serious actor and also in comic roles. He was also featured in many super hit Hollywood movies.

Here is the list of top 5 movies of Steve Carell which you definitely watch:

1. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy- This ultimate comedy is obviously in the first number of our list. The movie is full of one liner quotes that made the character Brick Tamland (acted by Steve Carell) more popular among his audience. He is memorable in our heart with his famous quotes from this movie like “I love lamp” or “I think I ate your chocolate squirrel” whether he was busy in the film to bring a hand grenade or spouting his quotes, brick was loved by all his audience. His naive and brain damaged personality made the critics write amazing remarks on his performance. A popular critic remarked “”At its best it plays like modern-day Marx Brothers, in which every single thing that happens makes no sense and serves no purpose and nothing happens for any reason at all.”

2. The 40 year old virgin: – Steve Carell got the recognition as a comedian or a versatile actor through this film. This crude film is acknowledged as one of his best performance till date that reveals his extreme sweetness. Judd Apatow is always appreciated for his, satires, comedies and the 40 year Old Virgin is his best creation that gives people a chance to laugh as well as feel the heart of the story. However, this magic cannot work on the audience without the vulnerable performance of Steve Carell.

3. Little Miss Sunshine:- It is an American romantic comedy which was released in 2006. It is true that the movie business is the most important thing to make more powerful movies but it also it also gives a chance to the directors or actors to make a successful inspiring story like Little Miss Sunshine. Jonathan Dayton debut as a director with this film and his first film made $100 million. This super hit movie was also loved by the critics. And Steve Carell was outstanding.

4. Crazy stupid love:- Though the title is little bizarre but the sweet, sober love story can definitely mesmerize you. Steve Carell delivered another masterpiece through his acting in this movie. His downtrodden as well as adorable personality will definitely amaze you. Even if you do not like romantic comedies you will love this movie this one for Carell’s performance.

5. Over the Hedge:- This animated film brought huge popularity in Carell’s life. It was his debut into animated movies. He gave his voice in this film and worked with a number of people such as Garry Shandling, William Shanter, Bruce Wills and Nick Nolte. He gave his voice to Hammy who is a sugar addicted squirrel. The film got huge appreciation.

List of top 20 films of John Carell

1. Curly Sue
2. Bruce Almighty
3. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
4. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
5. Little Miss Sunshine
6. Evan Almighty
7. Sleepover
8. Get Smart
9. Date Night
10. Despicable Me
11. Crazy, Stupid, Love
12. Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
13. Hope Springs
14. The Way Way Back
15. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
16. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
17. Puppy
18. Training Wheels
19. Foxcatcher
20. Panic in the Mailroom

Upcoming Movies of John Carell

When you watch any John Carell movie you can be rest assured about the fact that the movie is surely going to entertain you. We are sharing the list of upcoming Movies of John Carell.

• Freeheld – 2015

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