John Newman All Time Top Songs, Upcoming Albums And Singles

By | April 11, 2015

The top five songs of the great upcoming star John Newman and something more about his songs.

The British solo singer John Newman is the most famous upcoming singer and has won the prestigious award of the solo artist in the year 2013. He made his first appearance with feel the love that is a single. The solo song successive from him, not giving in it turned out to be more famous, and they together started to make a vivid future for him. In the year 2014, Love me again this great song, became very famous that it dominated the first place in the chart of the singles for a very long time. Although the young and the talented singer has been a big name among the lovers of music in the latest times for the finest songs of John Newman.

John Newman top new songs list and upcoming albums and events in 2015-2016

Through the stairs of fame, John Newman has impressed and has wooed his fans across the world.

In the middle of a few songs that have been listened to from his gentle voice, his songs have been selected for the impressive Brit for a nonstop three times. The forthcoming Britain solo artist is now a star amongst the lovers of music, and a huge fan base has started to follow him far and wide.

The top five songs that are sung by the famous Britain singer John Newman.

Our team of professionals worked truly hard to present you this remarkable list of songs by John Newman. We are certain that you will definitely like the collection of music if you have a true sense in it.

• Easy
• Tribute
• Losing Sleep
• Out Of My Head
• Cheating

List of Top 5 songs of John Newman in 2015

Presenting the list of top 5 songs of John Newman which you will surely love to listen.

1. Easy: The song has been valued greatly from nearly all the genres of music. Mainly of this song has been presented so serious care, which one can make out the meaning of the lyrics with no trouble. The song also has a lovely video attached to it.

2. Tribute: This is a song dedicated to a very dear and loved one, and it includes lyrics that one can wish to dedicate it with complete gratitude to someone. The song’s calming tones and the divine notes made it a compressed one for the music spectators.

3. Losing Sleep: This song has a work of art and the beautiful lyrics, and it also has just the right side music. The masterpiece also got a great review, and the fan base started rising for John from this song.

4. Out Of My Head: Along with the exacting voice variation the song had great lyrics too. The video and the music of this song are attached to, and it has given an overall package to the criticism makers and the music lovers too. This song can be listed amongst the most famous songs of John Newman since it has been cherished from various zones of music.

5. Cheating: This has been a famous song from a young musician. The attractive young and relaxing voice of this youth has given something that is unique to the music lovers. The finest song and is also one the best songs of John Newman.

The List of Top 20 John Newman Songs for 2015-2016

1. Love Me Again
2. Cheating
3. Losing Sleep
4. Easy
5. Out of My Head
6. Try
7. Gold Dust
8. Tribute
9. Running
10. Goodnight Goodbye
11. All I Need Is You
12. Down the Line
13. Nothing
14. Day One
15. Love Me Again – Kove Remix
16. Love Me Again – Gemini Remix
17. Love Me Again – Love Thy Brother Remix
18. Losing Sleep (Disciples Remix)
19. Love Me Again (Kove Remix)
20. Out Of My Head – Club Edit

Upcoming songs and events of John Newman 2015-2016

A huge fan base follows him everywhere as John Newman is a star now. He has been reserved for a luxurious stage show in Britain in June. The old stage for the stars is the Barclaycard British program for Summer Time, and in the upcoming year, John has been reserved for many other events. Although the forthcoming songs of John Newman are yet to be heard off. The reporters are also controlled to know in relation to the song until the release of the official song is done. The fans are waiting enthusiastically to hear from the most forthcoming star in the current times.

We will keep yu updated about this singer and his songs by offering you the list of Upcoming songs of John Newman 2015-2016 very soon, Stay tuned with us.