Magic! All Time Top Songs List, Upcoming Shows And Albums

By | April 11, 2015

Magic!- The best and leading band known for its music and lyrics in Canada and in the worldwide music industry.

Magic! is a foremost band of Canada. It has been known for its wonderful performances and great skills. This band is connected with reggae fusion, and it has been extremely valued by the people who live in various other parts of the globe. This is a leading band that has been very well-liked among its admirers. It has dealt to garner huge acclaim and accolades from all the fans and music lovers and has been widely known for its unique and great sense of melodies. Each of the band members has shown their great musical taste and excellent talent through these songs. They came up in the 2013, limelight with their entrance album. Even while they are in the industry for not a lot of time, but still it has been able to draw great attention from the industry of music.

Magic! top new songs list and upcoming albums 2015-2016, tours and events

Below are some of the beautiful and new songs of the Magic 2015, it presents the top songs that are made by them.

Magic! New songs are very popular among the listeners and the fans because of the lyrics that it includes and the type of music that it conveys. Magic! New hit songs are always a sky-scraping point for the admirers of the band as they look for the band’s latest releases and love to take note to each of them. It is by their love and gratitude that the band has received a very high place in the music industry. This band is building sensation among the lovers of music and every day the admirer base is rising at a rapid speed. A list of some of the awesome numbers played by this sensational band is listed below.

• No Way No
• Stupid Me
• Let Your Hair Down
• No Evil
• Rude

The top list of these sensational songs played by this band is mentioned below by our experts:

List of Top songs of Magic! in 2015:

1. No Way No- By this wonderful song the viewers cannot refuse themselves from humming it and this band is on the top in the Chartbusters list. It has played a vital role in developing the intensity of the band.

2. Stupid Me- This song is a perfect friend for helping you to cherish each and every moment of your life. It also helps them to develop their ideas about melody and to love and explore the brilliant beat that it contains.

3. Let Your Hair Down- By this song the members of the band have wooed their spectators, and it has also helped them to gather immense and huge accolades from various corners of the music industry. It is one of the most famous songs of Magic! It also helped them to gather great praise from all around the globe.

4. No Evil- This is a lovely song that aids in the people to grow with each other and to gather great admiration and accolades. It is a bright song that makes you fall in love with the talented members of the band.

5. Rude- This is a superb song that has amazingly wooed its listeners. The best part of the song is the music and the lyrics with which it has been self-possessed. It gives the listeners a perfect feeling and emotion and also helps them to cherish their life wonderfully. It is also considered as one of the top songs of Magic!

The List of Top 20 Magic! Songs for 2015

1. Rude
2. Rude (Zedd Remix)
3. Don’t Kill The Magic
4. Coldplay ( BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
5. [Walk off the Earth] B.o.B. Cover
6. Keep On Movin’ On
7. Rude (Komes Remix)
8. Magic
9. Let Your Hair Down
10. Coldplay
12. No Way No
13. Coldplay cover
14. No Evil
15. Dont Kill The Magic
16. B.o.B
17. I’ll Just Play
18. Strung Out
19. Stupid Me
20. Magic – Rude

Upcoming songs and albums of Magic! 2015

In coming time we are going to share with you the list of Upcoming songs of Magic! 2015. We are sure you are going to love the upcoming songs for sure.

Magic! Songs of 2015 latest are highly anticipated by the listeners as they are looking forward to experiencing and listen to something exclusive from the band. It is by its songs that the group has wonderfully been able to set aside a unique place for itself in the hearts and minds of Magic! fans.