Rascal Flatts All Time Top Songs List, Upcoming Albums

By | April 15, 2015

To never look back: band which is on ladder of success unstoppable: Rascal Flatts

Few music bands have always left an everlasting impression on the crowd and music lovers. The band was formed in 1999, and is working band till date giving the best composition to the fans. The American pop and rock group has never seen any fall and rose as the best group of the decade and 2000 to 2010 was era of music with the Rascall Flats and they achieved many platinum titles on Board.
Members of Rascal Flatts band: Gary Levox, Jay Demarcus and Joy Don renny are the band crew with Levox as lead vocalist.

Rascal Flatts top new songs list and upcoming albums and events in 2015-2016

The increasing graph of success of Rascal Flatts:

With the starting of 2000 they started their success story and they have no look backs. Rare are the such bands which have working term so long and so successful and the band of three proved their talent and team work with all hardships and today they have numerous awards including CMT and others with greatest hits in their bags. Rascal flatts signed a term contract with Disney Group in 1999 and with them the debut albums were released.

List of The top 5 songs of Rascal Flatts in 2015:

Though with the more than 30 releases the choice to compare the song become bit tough but still here are few famous tracks of Rascall Flatts:

1. Bless the broken road: This song became the all time favorite song and not only this, the song was also listed in the list of best 100 evergreen country songs. The song was on top of many Boards. Critics appreciated the voice and many people remarked this song to be best.

2. What hurts the most: Again the band got a song for the heart broken lovers and depressed souls, the song will remind you of the love of your life. Anything but the songs from Rascal Flatts is the heart touching. Though bless the broken road and what hurts the most are always in the race of getting the best position but both the songs serve almost the same feelings.

3. My wish : The song again, hit various list and charts. More the music and feel the song has deep down meaning which attract the listener more.

4. Here comes good bye: Again, a song dedicated to the broken lovers. The song was chosen for the 2010 Grammy awards. The song was appraised for the lyrics and music and slow played guitar. And, the song was the top song of that year. Hardly any song of Rascal Flatts has seen any downfall.

5. Why: The song though is not a regular song lover’s choice but some people can really find the song connected as the song is based on a specific feeling of a friend who has faced the loss of his friend who killed himself. The song is more appreciated by critics then general public. The songs was listed on 18th position on U.S. country Billboard and 2nd on Hot song chart. The song was part of unstoppable album which was released in 2010.

The List of Top 20 Rascal Flatts Songs for 2015-2016

1. Life Is a Highway
2. What Hurts the Most
3. Bless the Broken Road
4. Rewind
5. My Wish
6. Payback
7. Come Wake Me Up
8. Banjo
9. Stand
10. Easy
11. Fast Cars And Freedom
12. I Like The Sound Of That
13. These Days
14. Here Comes Goodbye
15. Summer Nights
16. I Won’t Let Go
17. I’m Movin’ On
18. Feels Like Today
19. Changed
20. Backwards

Upcoming songs and albums of Rascal Flatts 2015-2016

If you are in search of some quality music this year then it’s important at your end to hear the songs of Rascal Flatts. If you are looking for the list of Upcoming songs of Rascal Flatts 2015-2016, then we would like to tell you that we will share the same with you very soon.

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