Sam Smith All Time Top Songs List, Upcoming Albums

By | April 15, 2015

A singer who brought his young voice in the industry to reach on the top of countries’ top song list- TOP Songs Of Sam Smith

Samuel Fredrick Smith, popularly known as Sam Smith was born on 19 May 1992. This singer started out on his venture to the music career with a Jazz band and singing carols at the music theaters. For many years he studied singing and song writing under Joanna Eden, who is a leading Jazz vocalist. Smith was featured in the Disclosure song named Latch for the first time, which was released in 2012.
A musical breakthrough that grabbed wings and ventured high in the sky- Presenting Top 5 songs of Sam Smith

Sam Smith top new songs list and upcoming albums and events in 2015-2016

Sam Smith’s musical notes started developing after he appeared in Disclosure’s latch and further fetched many gigs to perform in global stages. Later, he was also featured in Naughty Boy’s hit single La La La which peaked the US Single charts. The same year he released his EP, which consisted of four solo tracks. Smith later added his acoustic version of Latch in his album which was also a hit amongst the masses.

His first independent album was released in 2014.

• In the Lonely Hour

With the number of fans increasing every single day, we have brought to you the Top 5 hit singles. These “must-haves” will change the quality of your entire playlist. Tune into the trend and the music of this extraordinary singer. Dive into vocals surrounding your ears and let your ear boom.

List of Top 5 songs of Sam Smith for 2015

We sifted through a few tracks that Sam has released until now to find the best for you to go gaga over it. You don’t have to do too far to listen to his music and experience his comprehensive style.

1. Safe With Me: With Two Inch Punch on the production list, this is the perfect wake-up song that will cleanse your mind of all the bad dreams. Smith has caught a short melody that will pull you in and lift you at the same time. He has punched with a power pack and has amazingly delivered it in just three minutes. His multi talented voice and a compelling melody will stick this song in your head for a long time. And what’s more? You will never get tired of rewinding it again!

2. Latch: Counted amongst Disclosure’s smash hits, this is where most you will hear Sam Smith in juxtaposition to the melody in it. The mixture of electronic and R & B, this is the mega hit of the season. Smith has hit his vocal’s sweet spot in every twirl of melody. Check out the acoustic version of his accentuating vocals that are stripped down to the strings and keys of his instruments.

3. Stay With Me: Another beautiful and soulful romantic number from his debut album. This song should and always be on the top of your play list. Romantic and sad yet soulful, this song is a perfect blend of long lost love.

4. Money on my Mind: Sam Smith’s biggest single which sped up with a rising tempo and later slowing down with the pitch along with breath taking lyrics. The addictive end and his voice make it all the way more special. This proves that no one else can ever sing like Smith.

The List of Top 20 Sam Smith Songs for 2015-2016

1. Stay with Me
2. Money on My Mind
3. I’m Not the Only One
4. Latch – Acoustic
5. Like I Can
6. Lay Me Down
7. Leave Your Lover
8. Good Thing
9. Not in That Way
10. I’ve Told You Now
11. Life Support
12. Make It to Me
13. Restart
14. Nirvana
15. Safe with Me
16. Latch (Acoustic)
17. I’m Not The Only One – Radio Edit
18. Lay Me Down – Acoustic Version
19. La La La
20. Stay With Me – Darkchild Version

Upcoming songs and albums of Sam Smith 2015-2016

Here in this space we are going to share with you the list of Upcoming songs of Sam Smith 2015-2016. Keep visiting us for more information about this singing sensation.

With the best solo pop performance, Sam Smith is now the rising star of the American music Industry. This English star and songwriter will continue to amaze his fans with many more hit numbers. Stay with us to know more about Sam Smith future hit singles, We are sure that the future of R & B is in good hands.