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By | April 15, 2015

Her Passion For Music Paved The Way For Her Success And Global Recognition- Top Songs Of Sia

Sia Furler, better known as Sia in the global music circuit, is an Australian singer and song-writer who has created a unique niche in downtempo, pop, trip-hop and jazz singing. She was born in December 1975 in Adelaide into a family where both her parents were active in the field of music. Sia used to mimic other singers in her growing up years and was especially influenced by renowned artists Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Sting.

Sia top new songs list and upcoming albums and events in 2015-2016

A Musical Success Story That Was Marked By Grave Personal Tragedy – Presenting the Top 5 Songs of Sia

Sia’s entry into the music scene came in early 1990’s when she started giggling in the Adelaide acid jazz and later went on to join Crisp, the local jazz-funk band at the age of 17. Furler left Crip by 1997 but not before releasing two albums with them and emerging as a trip hop artist. She later released her first solo album from a garage in Adelaide and never looked back from then on. Perhaps the only down time in her successful career was the tragic death of her boyfriend which left her so devastated that she started doing drugs and could not get off them for the next six years. Over the years Sia has released several solo albums besides writing some really great songs for other popular singers. Some of her most popular albums include:

• Lady Croissant
• Some People Have Real Problems
• We Are Born
• Healing Is Difficult

We understand that as the fans of this great singing star, you would love to learn about the best songs she has sung. So, we along with our experts have compiled a list of the Top 5 songs of Sia which is featured below.

List of Top 5 songs of Sia in 2015:

1. Breathe Me: With this song, Sia officially became a poetic force to be reckoned with. The song featured in the album Color the small one and had Sia herself playing the role of the lead artist. The song was immensely popular and even featured as the closing song for the series finale of the popular HBO TV show Six Feet Under.

2. Chandelier: This internationally hit song by Sia received favorable reviews from music critics across the globe. The singer was praised not only for her poetic abilities but also her vocal capabilities. The song was listed in the top five record charts in several countries including UK, Italy, Norway, Poland, New Zealand and Australia.

3. Big Girls Cry: This song belongs to the album 100 Forms of Fear and was a follow-up to her international hit Chandelier. The song provides a soft and justified explanation that contradicts Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. The song was listed among the top 40 songs in Australia and France besides it also charted in Belgium.

4. Soon We’ll Be Found: This song featured in Sia’s third solo album, Some People Have Real Problems. Although the song is available for download only in the UK, the video for the same featured on the main page of the United States iTunes Store and was available for free download for one week in November 2008.

5. I’m In Here: This song was written by Sia when she suspected that she might be suffering from cyclothymic, a low-level bipolar disorder or a major anxiety disorder. The song features in her album We Are Born but is unique in that it is similar in style and temperament to her earlier works, even though the album marked a change in her style.

The List of Top 20 Sia Songs for 2015-2016

1. Chandelier
2. Big Girls Cry
3. Breathe Me
4. Eye of the Needle
5. Burn the Pages
6. Hostage
7. Straight for the Knife
8. Fire Meet Gasoline
9. Fair Game
10. Free the Animal
11. Elastic Heart
12. Dressed in Black
13. Cellophane
14. Clap Your Hands
15. Elastic Heart (feat. The Weeknd & Diplo)
16. You’ve Changed
17. I’m in Here
18. Elastic Heart – From “The Hunger Games: Catch
19. Kill And Run
20. Soon We’ll Be Found

Upcoming songs and albums of Sia 2015-2016

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