The Chainsmokers All Time Top Songs, Upcoming Albums 2015-2016

By | April 11, 2015

The Chainsmokers All Time Top Songs, Upcoming Albums 2015-2016 : In the world of music, The Chainsmokers are an American; disc jockey based. They are not only the makers, but also the songwriters. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are two of them that are present in the band. Together, these vocalists rose at the prospect due to the recognition they received from the release of Selfie song in the year 2014, and it was a hit. All the songs from this set of two are likely to be the best. The singers are in the land of music due to the singers just excellent to expect living in the music industry for a longer time.

The Chainsmokers top new songs list and upcoming albums and events

The top five songs by The Chainsmokers will take you on your toes and make you dance.

The Chainsmokers were established as an EDM DJ as a double act in the year 2012. This is the organization that established in the New York University. The Chainsmokers most recent news is that Priyanka Chopra the Indian actress took a place in the “ERASE” singles. The most important contract was signed with the Republic of the record. The beat of the songs from this set of two can create a unique environment that can even make a boring man shake the floor. We along with our specialists the below list of songs is prepared, which you would surely love to listen.

• Erase
• Jealous
• Habits
• Young Hearts
• Selfie

List of top 5 songs of The Chainsmokers in 2015

The Chaimsmokers famous and top hit songs are listed below:

1. Erase: By taking a look at the video of the song will give, the greatest remixed and hence it is regarded to be amongst the list of The Chainsmokers famous songs. This song is regarded as the best additional to the list of favorites.

2. Jealous: The Chromeo has sung this song. The Chainsmokers band has remixed this song. On May 26 in the year, 2014 was the release of this song. It turned out to be an immense release due to the kind of the song.

3. Habits: (Stay high): The song is amongst the top songs of the Chainsmokers. Tove Lo has sung this song. Progressive House is the genre of this song. The release of the song formed a new rebellion in the life of the lovers of music and the newbie vocalists.

4. Young Hearts: The Remixer of this song is The Chainsmokers, and the artist is Strange Talk. The song stands amongst The Chainsmokers top five songs. The rhythm of the song flatters everybody.

5. Selfie: The platinum victory of the song amongst the audience. The song was launched on 8th August in the year 2014. Electro house is a genre and therefore it formed an excellent development in the industry of music.

The List of Top 20 The Chainsmokers Songs for 2015

2. Kanye
3. #selfie – Original Mix
4. Kanye – Louis The Child Remix
5. #SELFIE – Botnek Remix
6. KANYE feat. Siren
7. #SELFIE (Botnek Remix)
8. The Rookie
9. KANYE (feat. Siren)
10. #SELFIE – Instrumental Mix
11. KANYE (Kasum Remix)
12. Kanye (feat. sirenXX) (ALMOND & SAMME Remix)
13. KANYE ft. Siren
14. Selfie
15. #SELFIE – Will Sparks Remix
16. KANYE (Instant Party! Remix)
17. #selfie (Club Mix)
18. Kanye feat. SirenXX
19. #Selfie (Original Mix)
20. Selfie (But First Let Me Take A Selfie

Upcoming songs and albums of The Chainsmokers in 2015-2016

The likely top songs of these singers are taken into reflection due to the most excellent collection of songs that are going to come up very soon. There are many new songs that are going to be released in the approaching years. The top Music Videos of the Chainsmokers are supposed to be amongst the most excellent songs ever. The marvelous support that the digital sales gave to the CDs is just sufficient to generate variation by ranking aloof from the pleasing crowd. There are many fans and admirers all around the world that are waiting for their new albums to release.

all their songs till today are a hit and also have very beautiful meaning in many of the lyrics of the songs. All these songs are also good for the parties and also please your mood well. In coming time we are going to share with you the list of Upcoming songs of The Chainsmokers 2015.