Top 10 New Upcoming Telugu Movies List

By | September 27, 2015

Know about the Top 10 new upcoming Telugu movies 2016 list, Telugu movies are increasing high fans all over India and even outside it. The principle explanation behind these movies is their acting style, music and story. Every one of these variables exceptionally pick up the consideration of everybody and assembles substantial crowed at movie lobbies. Consistently a few movies are discharged and it is hard for anybody to pick the best one.

Top Upcoming Telugu Movies

Here is a list of top upcoming Telugu movies that everybody ought to appreciate with their companion and family and have best time.

List of top 10 new upcoming Telugu movies 2016:

Telugu movies are picking up prevalence among the general population who know this dialect. This is because of the acting, rush, sentiment and delight that is joined to it. Consistently, the greater part of the movies turn out to be super hits and generally excites movie fans. In this way, the beneath list will give the subtle elements of a portion of the finest upcoming movies on which fans will surely love to keep an eye.

10. Payanam: This is relied upon to be the best movies that will demonstrated the flexible coordinating aptitude of Suresh Tirumuru. A primary’s portion cast of this movie is Dhanraj and Vijay Sai.

9. Inaa Ishtam Nuvvu: Inaa Ishtam Nuvvu is coordinated by Ramprasad Ragutu. This movie is relied upon to have extraordinary accomplishment because of its story and lovely acting of Naveen Vijay Krishna and Keerthi Suresh.

8. Guntur Talkies: Praveen Sattaru coordinates Guntur Talkies.. A fun filled movie will be the focal point of attraction of whole crew. In this manner, this executive is known for guiding a portion of the finest family movies and expects extraordinary achievement of this upcoming movie.

7. Madrasi: This Telugu movie is required to be the best movies of chief Vijay Lingamaneni. Wagers acting of Nara Rohit can be the focal point of attraction for every one of the viewers. Subsequently, it is relied upon to pull in overwhelming crowed at theaters and will win substantial benefit.

6. Bhale Bhale: Bhale Bhaleis a finished entertained movies that is exceedingly suitable for whole gang. Accordingly, individuals are frantically sitting tight for this. The high cost movies that show remarkable coordinating ability of Magadivoy.

5. Attack: Attack is coordinated by Ram Gopal Varma. This is the best movies that are thrown by Manchu Manoj and, Prakash Raj. Subsequently, it is relied upon to gain overwhelming benefit and is a suitable family movie that will captivate whole crew.

4. Shankara: This is a best action and sentimental movie that is the best suitable movie for individuals who wish to appreciate a few valuable time with relatives. Tatineni Satya guides it and a portion of the famous cast of this movie is Nara Rohit and Regina Cassandra.

3. Courier Boy Kalyan: Messenger Boy Kalyan is relied upon to be discharged on January 2016 and is among the best upcoming movies of Telugu. It is the best movie that is coordinated by Prem Sai and demonstrates the lovely acting of famous cast Nithin and Richa. It is likewise anticipated that would increase substantial benefit and will stimulate its Telugu populace. This is among the best family movies and everybody ought to watch.

2. DK Bose: DK Bose is the best comic drama movie of the chief A Bose and is relied upon to be discharging very soon. It will get the consideration of different groups of onlookers and will be the most achievement movie regarding business and benefit. Prevalent cast of the movie are Sundeep Kishan and Nisha Agarwal.

1. Yamini Chandrashekhar: Yamini Chandrashekhar is relied upon to be discharging this year and is among the most thrilling action moves that is required to divert its group of onlookers. It is coordinated by Ramana Salwa. It is required to be among the best amusement Telugu movies of the year.

The above list gives the subtle elements of a top 10 best upcoming Telugu movies that will be blockbuster. These movies will win substantial benefit and are devoted for whole family amusement. In this manner, individuals who are holding up from quite a while to appreciate some astounding best movies, then above movies will without a doubt satisfy their longings.