Top 10 New Bollywood Love Songs List

By | September 18, 2015

Know the top 10 new Bollywood love songs 2016 list, You must be a fan of love songs of Bollywood and must be hunting down the best love songs of this current year. There are numerous great love songs in this 2016. Selecting the best and the newest among them is truly a testing errand. The songs’ best that are newest in the list and the most hit ones are chosen in the list underneath.

Top Bollywood Love Songs

Experience them and check whether you are having every one of them with you. In the event that you are feeling the loss of any of them, get them today from the web and listen to them to get the genuine’s essence love emotions among the Bollywood songs.

The list of the top 10 new Bollywood love songs 2016 is as per the following:

10. Baaton Ko Teri – This song from the All Is Well is additionally an immaculate one among the Bollywood love songs. The wonderful accomplishment has been one of the top hits of late year.

9. Ram Chahe – Here is another hit melody of the class of love from the hit movie Ram Leela. The wonderful melody is one of the top hits in this year and is one of the top Bollywood love songs to be said in this list.

8. Sun Saathiya – The tune from supervisor is one of the top Bollywood love songs of this current year. The most essential thing is that the movie alongside the melody has been one of the top hits of later times. Try not to commit the error to miss this tune from the list and from the download list of yours as well.

7. Dil Tuhi Bata – Here is another tune from the lovely activity movie that has been one of the top hits among all the love songs. The most imperative thing about the movie is that, there has been no correlation of this tune among the top love songs.

6. Lip To Lip – Katti Batti has been a film industry hit movie and the movies’ songs are more hit that the movie itself. In this manner get the best love tune from the film. You should not miss the deed by any chance with the goal that you can get the ideal taste of the musical faculties of Bollywood.

5. Sau Aasoon – This one is a love melody, and there is most likely in that, in spite of the fact that the tune is put in the drama’s list tune of the year as well. However the tune has been an awesome hit and in this way discovered a spot in this site.

4. Tu Chahiye – The intriguing melody with impeccable verses is a genuine excitement and has been viewed as one of the best love songs of this current year. The delightful accomplishment is qualified to be downloaded, as the melody will be a tune that is to be associated with quite a while.

3. Sarfira – The lovely accomplishment from the movie of Katti Batti has been one of the top hit songs among all the love songs that are discharged in this year. You can taste the tune of Neeti Mohan, Siddharth And Qaran in this tune alongside the delightful musical deed.

2. Sapna Jahan – Here is the top love melody from the hit film of this current year. Almost every one of the songs of the Brothers have been an incredible hit and this one is an impeccable one to be said in the top’s list songs.

1. Main Hoon Hero Tera – The melody has been listed in the love tune, however it has been one of the top songs that has been listed in the dance songs. The lovely accomplishment has been a standout amongst the most mainstream songs of this time.

There are numerous more songs that are hit among the love songs, however they are not that much hit to be enlisted in the top 10 list. There are a top’s portion movie songs that have made a history in the movies and every one of them have been there in the list here. You can get the particular case that is not there with you effortlessly now.