Top 10 Country Songs in April 2015

By | March 27, 2015

List of Top 10 Country Songs in April 2015, If you are in south America and how come its possible that you don’t talk about the country music. A music which is conventional yet very relevant and now spreading its sphere into many other continents too.

So in this edition we bring you to the Top 10 new Country Songs in 2015 Which can enthrall your mind and you feel a never before experience while listening to them.

new top 10 country songs april 2015 list

So, here is the list of Best Country Songs in 2015.

1. Ain’t Worth The Whisky by Cole Swindell- It is a song of a melancholy of a lover who vents his frustration on whisky and don’t consider his cheating partner able even equal to the Whisky. A great song and great lyrics and put no.1 as the Most Popular country songs in 2015 find out more.

2. Lonely Eyes by Chris Young – Basically filmed on a girl and sung brilliantly by Chris Young with marvelous music.This song can lead you to remember your near and dear one. May be you can remember you first crush or thinking about your old days because it has everything which needs to suit of this sort of environment.

3. Drinking Class by Lee Brice – It is a Nice song sung by Lee Brice. the song is full with emotions and everybody can relate this song somewhere or the other. The song is ranked as no.3 in most popular songs in 2015.

4. Homegrown Honey by Darius Rucker – The song is full of great music and lyrics and leaves the melodical impact to the listener and gives a calm and happiness altogether. You can feel a different serenity and soothing comfort which can lead you to the another level of enjoyment and you can put your heart to this song.

5. Take Your Time by Sam Hunt – It is a moderate ballad of a guy who wants to know a woman from a deeper perspect.Music is given in accordance with lyrics and tones are also in tandem with the content of the song. The song is charted as no.5 in top 10country songs in 2015.

6. Homegrown by Zac Brown Band – A song of a rather unsatisfied yet satisfied man with melodiac music and a great combo of guitar and banjo creates some special feelings and the whole incidental music go well with the song.The band of America creates a very strong effect on the mind of all the listener’s and proved what they are known for.

7. Just Gettin’ Started by Jason Aldean – A very melodical song is sung by this artist and creates some strange emotions which in turn gives the song a very influential effect on the mind of the listeners.The whole music instruments just develops what everyone wants in these melodious songs.This song is charted as no.7 in the best country songs in 2015.

8. Little Red Wagon by Miranda Lambert – A fun song to be heard after a very long time by this artist. it is some what a silly song and but natural the dynamics of the song have to suit the whole environment.

9. Mean To Me by Brett Eldredge – What a song sung by Brett eldredge and doing a full justice with this Romantic song like artist showing his body, his manly curves and marvellous incidental music makes this song a very influential one.So we chart this song as no.9 in the top 10 country songs in 2015.

10. Say You Do by Dierks Bentley – The song is based on a keen desire of a lover to get his or her partner back like she or he used to.This song is just very intentional as the mood of the song just can’t let you thinking about any other thing.This is ranked as the no.10 song in our most popular country songs in 2015 list.

So, here we accomplish our list of best country songs in April 2015 as seen on Billboard. And these are not only songs you can relate to yourself while listening to them. they would create long-lasting impression on the mind of any age group. In this edition of best country songs of April 2015 we also offer you many songs which are solely based on the many tangents of human life and which us and you all always felt once in a life time. So, keep enjoying and we again meet with some different kind of streak.