Top 10 Dance Songs April 2015

By | April 4, 2015

Top 10 new Dance Songs list April may 2015 Yes…… Here  we come again with the groovy and sizzlers and with the mind blowing dance numbers. You always hoped for these type of numbers on your list and we bring you the top 10 dance songs in 2015 which includes all the dancers in every dance style which suits you and at the same time entertain you at the most. So don’t miss the chance to groove your body on the famous best dance songs in April, May 2015 as we are about to launch a missile of the same. You can find the numbers of Erika and Avicii who are well known for their dance numbers

Dance songs april may 2015

Here is the list of Top 10 Dance songs in 2015.

1. Crazy by Erika jayne- The frisky dance number and most grooviest of all and that is why we are giving the top place in our Best dance songs in 2015 list.

2. The Nights by Avicii- One of the coolest dance number and the singing is also a brilliant factor added into this. It is a classy and exclusive number and lyrically it also spreads its magnetism all around. A worth watching dance number.

3. Elastic Hear by Sia –  Sia’s performance as an artist makes this video a very rare one and one can find his feet moving automatically on this no. It has everything which one always want in the numbers like this and according to the performance you can really enjoy this.

4. Dj fav by Joe Bermudez- A nice video and a fair dance number too. you can still count on Joe’s finest of the singing skills and you just want to listen to it every time when you need to raise your spirits and this kind of a song can also gives you a feel of relaxation at the most of the times.

5. Outside by Calvin Harris- A very nice video in terms of its tune, music and lyrics and of course if you are a lover of dancing this song is only for you and this goes straight to the heart of the audience. So don’t hesitate to shake your body if you feel like to.

6. I’m Gonna Get You by Dave Aude – This song remembers us of 90’s era. A very fantastic song and the finest is singer who performed in it. So we keep this song at no.6 in our popular songs list in 2015.

7. Something New by Axwell and Ingrosso- Sound, beat and music everything is nicely put up in this video and you can dance but you have to shake your body in tandem with the music and beats given in this video.

8. Spell by Noelia-  Excellently Sung by the Noelia with fast beats it gives the best impression for the club song as well as it is also best suited to parties and hang out. You can just chill your body on the freaky tones of this and the music is an added advantage. So be ready to groove. This captures the no.8 slot in our top 10 dance songs in 2015.

9. Talking Body by Tove Lo- It is a song with some controversial lyrics but still it is on our charts only because of the Tove’s beautiful singing. His singing resurrect the  music world once again that these type of songs have also their place in the industry.

10. Right Here, Right Now by Joe Bermudez- A very funny video with the serial order of boy, girl and many other characters with many props in their hands. No doubt this is a really good song for for all the occasions and we chart it as no.10 song in the list of top 10 dance song in our list.

Again we come up just equivalent to your taste and this time you get something extra as an added advantage of dancing. As dancing has always been a fascinating factor especially for youth.

Now you with these numbers can shake your body as well as can enjoy your ears with these lively tones and music. This concludes the list of April and May’s Top 10 dance songs in 2015.

So, thanks to you all and good bye.