Top 10 English Songs in April 2015

By | April 4, 2015

Top 10 New English Songs in April May 2015, As We all know Like our Bollywood songs there are Hollywood songs too but they don’t come in films like we do. They release their own albums and and try many other things to create a perfection. Here in this edition we present you to most admirable songs of top 10 English songs 2015. We cover all the elements and wide variety of songs is offered in this package. We have Sam smith, Taylor swift and many others artists which have the ability to take you by storm by their excellent vocal skills and known best worldwide.

English Songs april may 2015 list

The duo Walk Moon is also there who have given the most praising songs in the recent times with many other overseas artists who can steal your heart by there mere performances.

You just sit in your chair and relax and we play songs according to your mood actually you do. Here is the list of most popular English songs in 2015.

1. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson-  A totally dance song offered by the artist this time and it defines the dancing in newer way. Beats of the song all suit to this dancing number and we chart it as no. 1 song in our Top 10 songs in 2015 list.

2.Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding- Ellie creates wonders in this song as her singing reached in this song at the greatest to perfection and the song Picturisation is fantastic. She didn’t left no stone unturned to make this song a superb one.

3. Blank Space by Taylor Swift-  Taylor Swift in this video has come up with all new different vibes and energy and lyrics of the song are just incredible. She has used many different shades in this song and all goes in tandem for her.

4. Take Me To Church by Hozier- A very lively song from a very lively singer you can define it like this. He goes straight to the hearts of listeners and creates a wizard of his own in his singing.

This song takes the place of No.4 in Top 10 English songs in 2015.

5. Shut Up And Dance by Walk Moon- This very song can be one of the finest songs of this summer as the prodigy of this song is none less than a miracle. Female artist looks pretty attractive in this video and song’s energy could be rated at the highest.

6. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran-  A dance number and a romantic number and what not. Everything you want to see you can get right here in this song that is why this song is so special. Princess in this song looks so charming and WOW….. What a song.

7. Sugar by Maroon 5- Again song goes outstandingly marvelous for its lyrics and music is also goes into the everyone’s heart so this time we table it as no.7 song in the Best songs in 2015.

8. One Last Time by Ariana Grande- Good video to be seen and Ariana does fairly nice in this video in terms of singing. Vivacity is spreading throughout in this song and you can enjoy the song with a great mood. And when you talk about the music you also find the advancing path which this song follows.

9. Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor- Meghan in this song looks very vivacious and her energy also going at the higher tangent. You can just see her performance aghast at.

10. Lay me down by Sam Smith- What a nice song to Ears and its vivacity and innocence also woos many of the audiences. You can just stick to your seat while drinking and eating and enjoy this song. And we can bet that this song will offer you much happiness because this is last but not least.


So, we also ended up this edition of Top 10 English Songs in  2015. Hope you like it pretty much and the way we represented the summary of the songs may according the way you want.

In this list of Best English Songs in 2015 we provide you top class English songs which top the charts in recent times.

We again meet in the next edition of the weekly viral with the same energy till then good bye.