Top 10 Hip Hop Songs in April 2015

By | March 28, 2015

A complete new list of top 10 hip hop songs of April 2015, If we talk about the Hip Hop music we have to talk about the fun, entertainment, frisky body moves and many other crispy terms to define it. In today’s world the Hip Hop music has set its trend in all over the world.People liking it very much. In this Edition of Top 10 Hip Hop songs in 2015 we bring you the most groovy and freaking songs just to suit your imagination of freaking.

top 10 new hip hop songs April 2015

There would be many songs from American culture as well as from European culture too. This encloses the whole package of Insanity which everyone wants in this sorts of songs. So be ready to be with this freaking streak as we are here with most popular Hip Hop songs in 2015. Check More Hip Hop Songs

List of Top 10 Hip Hop Songs of April 2015

1. Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) by The Weekend

A good sound track and filmed really well with ladies dancing on the floor with small rope in their hand. A very serene song to be heard just for its beats.Just a wonderful song.

2. FourFiveSeconds by Rihana and Kanye West and Paul Maccartney

Mainly a lead singing by Rihana you can also enjoy the singing of the other two artists and this song is known only for their singing.

3. Somebody by Jeremih

A good dance and lyrics in this song and Natalie La Rose is fantastic in this song and mesmerized all the listeners of her with her great singing.

4. I Don’t Mind by Usher

A very brilliant song in terms of lyrics, flow and music. You can heard it several times to catch up with its music which is really a matter of brilliance for the artist. This song is marked as no.4 in top 10 Hip Hop Songs in 2015.

5.  Ayo by Chris Brown and Tyga

They again proved themselves as a best duo when it comes to Hip Hop singing. Both singers have given their heart to the song to make it completely appreciable by the audience. Music is mind blowing and you can enjoy to the fullest while listening to it.

6. Post To Be by Omarion

A very dynamic songs with full of beats and bashful tones and all the luxurious cars shown in this video is just out of the world. You can’t miss on it. We chart it as no.6 in our most popular Hip Hop song in 2015.

7.  She Knows by Ne-Yo-

If you want to see pole-dancing this song is perfect for you. A very lively song with so much of energy that you just can’t stop your self shaking your waist. A very much potential song for clubs and parties and in terms of its dancing.

8. 7/11 by Beyonce

In this song Beyonce  just got a level upper from her usual singing. The way he sang this song is just superb and his energy comes out as you see. So  overall we rank this song as no.8 in our list of best Hip Hop songs in 2015.

9. No Type by Rae Sremmurd

What a song to hear after so much a long time and energy and vivacity of this song just can get you at another level of enjoyment. This song offers you many astonishing facts and one of them is lyrics of the song and music is really one class upper.

10. Throw Sum mo by Rae Sremmurd

Unlike the previous one this song is somewhat still but you can never ignore the energy of the song and zeal of the song. This song is all about for music, fun and best suited to Hip Hop Dancing. So we list this song as no.10 in the list of Top 10 songs in 2015.

Let’s cheer for what we give you in this edition of Weekly Viral requirements to play in clubs, parties and discos and music and dance lovers will love to these songs. First they sound somewhat melodical and next they convert whole into a new piece of body moves. The top 10 hip hop songs for April 2015 is just all about to entertain you and we hope we gave you a better dose of it as these songs enough to change your mood and takes it to a new tangent.

So that’s all for this time next time we again come up with some new spice until then Enjoy and god bless.