Top 10 Rap Songs in April 2015.

By | March 27, 2015

Top 10 New Rap songs for April 2015 with Video’s list… Rapping always has been a most entertaining part around the world. They  say  in a very honky style while it comes to rapping. in this edition of latest Rap Songs in 2015 we will take you to songs which are on the summits of success at one end and most entertaining at the other end too with a very good message that rapping is not the game of all but creative minds who work for hours tirelessly and brings you out the most dynamic and passionate list of Top 10 Rap Songs In April 2015.

new top rap songs april 2015 list

Here is The list Of April Top 10 Rap Songs in 2015 which can take you to the height of insanity and joy.

1. Fetty Wap – Trap queen

A very wild songs from the artist of paterson. Flashing money, all surrounded by girls and doing crazy things in city.If you want crazy and to go for wilderness and yet with soft tones go with this song , makes you crazy and can remember your old days with not so much insanity. so we chart this song no.1 in our top 10 Rap songs in 2015.

2. Gemini and Lookas – Florida -GDFR

A Marvellous song with so much of special tunes that you cant stop your  body groove evevn a minute. The theme of song was fantastic and should be appreciated for its music.

3. Nicky Minaz – ONLY

Nicky Minaz creates a magic in this song. Chris brown touched a different tangent in this rap. on account of performance what a rap to hear!!!!!!!!!! as this takes the place no.3

4. Pitbull – Time Of Our Lives

Pitbull and Ne-yo always been a great combo.and this time they comes with like a heaven party song. you can enjoy this song in clubs, parties and anywhere you want.

5. Nicky Minaz – Truffle Butter

A very catchy and flowy song and get you the essential motivation you need in your life.and listed as no.5 in top 10 rap songs in 2015.

6. Big Sean’s – I Don’t F**k With You

A very much like a football saga. it has a very classy and conventional lyrics which make you very much curious about what next.

7. Rae Sremmurd’s – No Type

If you want to go with very hot and enthralling lyrics with mind-boggling music this song is made only for you then. just give it a hand to it and you will not be desparred by this track.this track has all which you want in parties and while long drives.

8. Big Sean’s – Blessings

If you talk about lyrics, every one is less than big sean’s charm and again he aroused the same symphony in this song blessings with some heart touching music.

9. Kanye West – All day

Starting with some mysterious music, this rap goes to the some new dimensions with musician heart arresting tones and don’t miss a thrill to listen to this song as you can come up with anew feel and fresh energy like never before. so keep enjoying as this is no.9 song in our Top 10 rap songs in 2015 list.

10. Drake – Energy

Drake is among the few musicians who comes with fresh energy and recharge and this time too  he is welcome by all the people with his fresh song.The rap has all the fresh intonations for what you have been waiting long. Drake this time really creates some fantastic charm on the people who have been looking for some thing innovative these days in raps.

So, this is the list 0f Top 10 latest rap songs in April 2015 find out more.they are full of vigour and also soothes your mind while giving you some fresh air . this list covers every song which comes into the sphere of rapping in context of its music, tunes and lyrics and whatever for rap songs and rapping is known for.

Hope, you like this edition too like the every edition on weekly viral because it also comes form our heart and hard work to reach just to your soul. We will again catch you up with some interesting edition.By then thanks to browse over Top 10 Rap songs in April 2015.