Top 10 New Tamil Love Songs List

By | September 24, 2015

Key components about the top 10 new Tamil love songs 2016 list, The Indian film industry is rich with the vicinity of resonant songs and heart delicate verses. Bollywood as well as in diverse territorial movies as well, we find that music is constantly made with psyche blowing verses.

Top Tamil Love Songs

Particularly, in sentimental songs, we can locate some magnificent verses formed by extraordinary lyricists. Like other provincial movies in Tamil as well, love songs are made with some incredible music and verses.

List of Top 10 new Tamil love songs 2016

There are numerous Tamil movies which have turned out to be super hit as a result of the colossal story as well as we can locate some incredible music in these movies. In the event that any music lover is attached to listening to Tamil love songs then the list of top 10 new Tamil love songs 2016 can assist a with lotting.

10. Ennavale Adi Ennavale: when we are examining about the top ten sentimental Tamil love songs, Ennavale Adi Ennavale can be set at the top with other main tunes. The verse of this song is to a great degree sentimental that can express the intimate romance. The music has been formed by A.R Rahman.

9. Nenjukkul Peidhidum: this is one of the popular songs from the movie Vaaranam Aayiram. This song is pleasantly exhibited by our most loved vocalist Hariharan. The music of this song created by Harrish jayaraj. This song has pleasantly communicated the love between the couple Surya and sameera in the movie.

8. Vaseegara: The expressions of this song are meaningful to the point that we can utilize this song for our genuine love accomplice. This song is from the movie Minnale. The movie was featured by Madhaban and Reema Sen. the verses are made by Vaali and Thamarai and music given by Harrish Jairaj.

7. Munbe Vaa: Among different love songs from Tamil movies, Munbe vaa is a standout amongst the most popular songs. This song is from the sentimental Tamil movie Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. The music is given by A.R Rahman and verse of this song pleasantly communicates the warmth between the two lovers.

6. En Kadhal Solla: This song is such a pleasant song, to the point that individuals who don’t comprehend Tamil dialect will likewise love this song. This expressive sentimental song is from the movie Paiyaa. This Tamil sentimental activity movie was coordinated by N. Linguswamy. The music is created by Yuvan sankar Raja and verses are given by Na. Muthukumar.

5. Uyire Uyire: This is another incredible love song from the movie Bombay. This is such a decent sentimental song with profound heart feeling which will definitely feel your eyes with tears. Two well known artists, Hariharan and K S Chitra did fitting equity to this song.The music is formed by A.R Rahman and the movie was coordinated by Mani Ratnam.

4. Innum Konja Neram: The well known executive Bharat Bhala has coordinated the movie Maryan where we can locate an awesome song innum konja neram. Most loved vocalists Swetha Mohan and Vijay Prakash both sang the song flawlessly. The verses are expressive and well known lyrists Kabilan and A.R Rahman did such a pleasant work.

3. Anjali Anjali Pushpanjali: This is another magnificent sentimental song which is created by Vairamuthu. The verses are greatly heart tricky and have been performed pleasantly by S.P Balasubhramaniyum. This is from the colossal sentimental Tamil movie Duet. K Balchandran coordinated the movie and music was formed by A.R Rahman. Prabhu and Meenakshi Sheshadri were ahead of the pack parts of this movie.

2. Nenjukkule: This is such a song which communicates the sentiment a young lady towards her love whom she never communicates her love. The celebrated Tamil Singer Sahktishree Gopalan has performed pleasantly. The verses are given by Vairamuthu and music is formed by A.R Rahman. This song is loved by numerous music lovers all over India.

1. Anbe En Anbe: one can without much of a stretch get to be invigorated with this song from the super hit Tamil movie Dham Dhoom. The movie was coordinated by Jeeva and music is formed by Harrish Jayaraj. The verses of this decent sentimental song have been given by Na. Muthukumar and Harish Raghavendra sang it perfectly.

Henceforth, those above are the list of top ten sentimental love songs from Tamil movies which are sti