Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in The World

By | October 28, 2015

Know about world’s Top 10 most expensive cities 2016, As per the report of most recent Worldwide Cost of Living Survey this is the list of top 10 expensive cities of the world, this is overview was composed by Economist Intelligence Unit.

Hong Kong, most expensive cities in the world

List of top expensive cities of the world 2016

To make this list, they fundamentally figures the typical cost for basic items which depends on various individual costs, administration and items, , including sustenance, transport, dress, land esteem, and home rents. On the off chance that you are enthusiasm to know the names of the expensive cities then experience the beneath list.

10. Los Angeles, US – Los Angeles is the biggest and essential focal point of the US film and TV industry. This is city near Hollywood, so this is the home of various greatest studios like Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers and Universal which offer in the background voyages through the world. This is the 10th expensive city of the world where 57sq m of property is $1m.

9. Paris – Paris, France’s capital and most eminent city of France, is one of the expensive city of Europe and this is the worldwide center point for style, workmanship, and society. Not just this is the famous among the traveler because of its beautiful perspective and recorded area imprint like Eiffel Tower Gothic Notre-Dame house of prayer. The city is additionally popular de to its bistro society. This is the ninth expensive city of the world where the worth to 50sq m of property is $1m.

8. Shanghai, China – Shanghai is the greatest city of the China and this is likewise the social and also money related center of the world. This biggest city is designed with bunches of skyscraper like 632m Shanghai Tower, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which are arranged over the Huangpu River. This is the eighth expensive city of the world because estimation of 48sq m of prime property is $1m.

7. Sydney, Australia – Sydney, state capital of New South Wales is actually the principle monetary focus furthermore the popular city of Australia. Not just that, this is additionally the social center point of Australia arranged Australia’s east drift. This city is encompassed by one of the world’s greatest common harbors that is the reason the city welcomes a substantial number of traveler consistently. This is the seventh expensive city of the world where 41sq m of private land’s worth is $1m.

6. Geneva, Switzerland – Geneva is one of the gorgeous cities of Switzerland which lies at the southern tip of broad Lac LĂ©man which is otherwise called Lake Geneva. This beautiful city is encompassed by the Jura and Alps mountains. This is one of the significant cities of Europe, because this is the Headquarters of Europe’s United Nations and the Red Cross. This city takes sixth position among the top 10 expensive city of the world.

5. Singapore – Singapore is presently in fifth position among the world’s top 10 expensive city. The study demonstrates that a roll of bread, a parcel of cigarettes and a container of wine, will together cost the as comparable as of $39.11. also, estimation of 39sq m of land is $1m.

4. New York, US – New York one of the significant city and globally compelling focus of society, money related and specialty of US. This is the home of the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and different various notable locales. Arranged in a beautiful spot where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, New York City is one of the quick paced cities. In view of the estimation of land, this is the fourth among the expensive cities of the world 2016.

3. London, Great Britain – London, the capital of Great Britain, is basically a 21st-century city which has an extraordinary recorded quality in world history. This beautiful city welcomes colossal number of vacationer consistently because of it’s all encompassing perspective, and various sort of recorded structure like Houses of Parliament, the notorious ‘Enormous Ben’ clock tower and Westminster Abbey these all are the locales of British ruler crowning ordinances. This is additionally the principle budgetary and social focus of incredible Britain, takes the third position among the top 10 expensive cities 2016.

2. Hong Kong – Hong Kong is an energetic and additionally thickly populated city of Asia. Having a biggest port this city is worldwide money related focal point of Asia. There is heaps of shopping accessible in Hong Kong, that is the reason a colossal number of sightseers are coming in this city consistently with the motivation behind shopping. It’s additionally famous for its tower-studded horizon and energetic nourishment scene. In light of land esteem, this is second in the expensive cities of the world in 2016.

1. Monaco, France – Monaco is basically an autonomous microstate on France, arranged Mediterranean coastline. This is likewise one of the popular city of France because of its yacht-lined harbor, marvelous gambling clubs, and prestigious Grand Prix engine race, Monte Carlo, which is the significant area of Monaco , has a fancy musical drama house, rich beauty epoque clubhouse complex, inns, dance club, boutiques, and various eminent eatery. This is the first expensive city of the world.

This is the list of 10 expensive cities of the world. This list is made on the premise of land quality. Not just that these all expensive cities have a social and monetary valuation in world economy