Top 10 Most Expensive Universities in Nigeria

By | November 2, 2015

Know about Top 10 most expensive universities in Nigeria 2016, Nigeria: have the most expensive universities: We all realize that Nigeria has numerous surely understood universities. These universities give the understudies the best training. In each University of Nigeria have the affirmation exam. Without these examinations no understudies are allowed to enter the college. The college gives the best instruction to their understudies.

American University of Nigeria, most expensive universities in Nigeria

We can likewise see that toward the end of the last year these universities additionally give employment to the understudies. The organizations in which they put the understudies are great. The understudies why should allowed study in these Universities are really smart. Understudy from all over the world have the fantasy to ponder in these universities.

List of top 10 most Expensive Universities in Nigeria 2016

Before you step forward to take confirmation in any expensive universities of Nigeria then it’s vital on your part to gather most recent data about the best performing expensive Universities.

Beneath here is the list of top 10 expensive universities in Nigeria. These universities are great and they give the best instruction to their understudies. There are less understudies who are chosen in these universities.

10. Ajayi Crowder University – The educational cost charge required for the college is N 500,000. It is a surely understood college and it gives the best training framework. They likewise give the dinner and settlement to the understudies.

9. Caleb University – The University is in the list of best universities in Nigeria. The understudies get the best instruction in this University. The University gives the convenience to the understudies yet they don’t give the dinner to the understudies. The educational cost expense is N505, 000. The University is great and all the rich people study there.

8. Lead City University – It is one the best University in Nigeria. The University gives the understudy the best instruction. The University likewise gives the settlement and the nourishment to the understudies. Understudies from outside Nigeria likewise attempt to take the affirmation in this college. It needs of N550, 500.

7. Redeemer’s University – It is a Christian University which is situated in Redemption City. The college was opened in the year 2005. In the event that an understudy needs to contemplate in that college then he needs to offer N50000 to N605000. The college is great and the understudy can think about there in solace.

6. Crawford University – It is a Christian Private University. The University was built up in the year 2005. The school gives the sanctuary to the understudies however they don’t give any suppers. The educational cost charge of the college is N40, 000 to N60, 000. The folks of the understudies give the cash of the educational cost, settlement and the extra charges.

5. Bowen University – The University is worked by the Nigerian Baptist Convention. The college was initially opened by in the year fourth November 2002. The educational cost charge of the college is N500000 to N750000. The college just gives the settlement and the training to the understudies. There is a decent cafeteria in the college and the understudies can get the sustenance from that point.

4. Igbinedion University – This University got the confirmation endorsement on May 16, 1999. It is initially authorized private college in Nigeria. The educational cost expense ranges from N540000 to N820000. They don’t give any feast to the understudies.

3. Afe Babalola University – It is the private higher foundation in Ado Ekiti State. The college was set up in the year 2009. The educational cost expense covers development demand, ICT, ID card, Medical Sports, PTCF Levy, course enrollment, Caution charge, furthermore the convenience. It is a school for architects. The college does not give any supper alternative.

2. American University of Nigeria – It is the first Nigerian University which has the American structure. The college is arranged in the north Eastern Nigeria. The understudies need to pay N1378 500 to have the instruction from the college. Be that as it may, the folks pay the charge in the dollars. The settlement and the dinners are additionally giving by the college.

1. Babcock University – It is a private Christian co-instructive college. The University is worked by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Nigeria. This University was built up in the year 1957. The educational cost of the college is between N620, 000 to N3 million. This college additionally gives the dinner and the lodging office to the understudies.

These are the best and expensive universities in Nigeria which gives the great nature of instruction, The understudies of this college are great and thus they remain in a decent position later on.